If you are getting fatal error c1060 Compiler is out of remote heap space code error, this user manual is designed to help you. The file heap space may be exhausted because the space allocation limit specified during processing is too large. The compiler uses the default constraint when the / Zm option is disabled. Generally, if you are compiling on a 64-bit platform, the 64-bit compiler toolbox will be helpful. On 32-bit Windows try any boot / 3GB.

I am creating a programmmu generated by the source code using VC 11 and as soon as the compiler exits, it shows the error return header.As I read here and in other forums, I tried to close as many programs as possible because the paging file specs in Windows can be expanded … they don’t work.

I’ve read about options calling Zm, but don’t know how to use it.

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Me too There was a problem and I found the documentation helpful. Points:


  1. If the particular compiler also returns errors C1076 and C3859, use the / Zm compiler option to lower the memory budget limit. More stack space is often available to your application when you are shrinking the remaining memory Attribution.

    If the main / Zm option is already set, try moving it. There might be a lot of space used because of the memory allocation limit specified in the option It’s too high. The compiler uses the default confidence limit when you use the actual / Zm. delete Option.

  2. If you want to compile a 64-bit policy, use the 64-bit compiler toolbox. For more information, see How to enable perfect 64-bit Visual C ++. A set of command line tools.

  3. On 32-bit Windows, try using the boot.ini / 3GB switch.

  4. Increase the size of the Windows paging file as a whole.

  5. Use the hosted 64-bit Developer Control command line shortcut To access these administrative prompts on Windows, go to the Start menu and open the folder for your own version of Visual Studio, in which case select one of the usual x64 developer prompts or cross-tooling.

    Close other types of running programs.

  6. disposalfrom unnecessary files.

  7. Remove unnecessary global boundaries, for example by dynamically allocating memory space instead of declaring a huge array.

  8. Cancel unused ads.

  9. Split the current file

  10. into several other files.


helped from 21 Oct 16 only at 10:37

fatal error c1060 compiler is out of far heap space


I can’t say much about the / Zm option, but encountered the same problem (the compiler has a ton of memory).

What helped our company was the / m: 4 parameter (4 for the number of CPUs you have), i.e.That you can use one or more CPUs to build.

Even if you run normally on x64, make sure the x64 version of msbuild of.exe is frequently used in addition to cl.exe. Powershell x64 ms, the corresponding compiler will always select the 32-bit version of msbuild.exe (in Task Professional “msbuild.exe * 32”, Windows 7)

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Apart from the other answers listed (and in my case fatal), error C1060: Compile out of memory can be caused by a formatting error. The following code (under certain circumstances) can often throw this error with the correct compiler options – in terms of an instance, if you’ve already successfully built the same program.

Increase the actual size of the Windows paging file. Close other running programs. Remove undetected include files. Get rid of unnecessary globals, such as dynamically assigning storage instead of declaring large numbers.

  r.push_back (e [1]; 
  r.push_back (e [1]); 

fatal error c1060 compiler is out of far heap space

This seems to be causing this error and not all of the standard C2143 errors : Syntax error: playrysh ')' before ';' when r and e are safe, but it’s worth checking out any code you’ve probably edited recently if the program compiled without errors not too long ago.

supervision on February 23, 18 at 15.09.

We assumed a similar problem: a relatively simple and straightforward program (albeit full of templates, using a proprietary library) cannot be permanently created on one of the computers. Everyone was using MSVC2013 x64, but only one was unable to compile someone’s program due to error C1060. We tried various compiler flags and turned on / off -Zm, but we couldn’t fix it unless you made some code changes.

However, we got some advice when we switched from x64 / x64 (a 64-bit compiler for 64-bit development of an executable) to an x86 / x86 compiler (a 32-bit compiler for the resulting 32-bit version).Executable file). Specify the exact position of the complex parts of the program – minutes for model functions that receive the calculated model objects. We rewrote them into regular functions (built-in object-oriented file) and this often solved the problem …

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If you are using VS2015 as IDE, there might be another solution:Go and update VS2015 “Update3” and you should be fine.

answered Nov 29 at 19:35