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    In 2011, NOAA’s Marine Debris Program supported a project to relocate derelict derelict and litter removal vessels from Fordson Island, a heavily urbanized and once undervalued area of ​​the Red River. The river’s watershed proved to be the oldest, most populous, and most industrialized area of ​​southern Michigan.

    The Port Authority of Detroit-Wayne County has worked with community stakeholders and stakeholders to clear the area and move ships out of the key coastal area. With funding from NOAA’s CDM and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, NOAA’s Great Lakes Habitat Restoration Program volunteers removed abandoned boats, 40 tires and other leaves from 18 islands, resulting in a total of 122 tons of trash being recovered.


    and mapping of coastal consumer, construction and sailing debris on Fordson Island in the Detroit River, combined with pre- and post-disposal fish surveys, atmospheric and rescue measurements.


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    The Port of Detroit Wayne Authority (DWCPA) planned this project to work with other community members and advocacy groups to remove derelict boats, decaying wrecks, and shipowners’ wreckage from Fordson Island in their current Detroit River. The removal was carried out by a local contractor in cooperation with local authorities, the US Coast Guard and the landowner. The data collected before and after the break-in should measure the impact and recovery of the local fish population and shoreline habitat. Public meetings have already taken place to communicate the aims and benefits of the project and to involve volunteers in the waste removal activities. Keep an eye on them if you need professional garbage removal.

    The island is usually a small island in the Red River in the southeastern part of Dearborn. The island with an area of ​​8.4 hectares was created in 1922 by order of Ford Co motor. and straightened the troughs of the Rouge River south of the Rouge Plant. The path was originally too shallow and ended too far to accommodate most of the World War I Eagle Chaser boats thatIn particular, Ford Motor Co. wanted to use Red in Plant.

    Federal engineers found it more efficient to cut a road straight through the sea than to dredge an existing river as a replacement. Fordson Island was born after the completion of the $10 million canal. Access to either island was by boat and easily boardwalk across the bridge south of Detroit. Today, the only surface communication is still a single-track small bridge. After the entire canal was completed in 1922, several people bought land on a kind of island to build houses on the shore.

    In 1970, six residents called this island home. In 1989, the city’s Operation Horror Eyes demolished the remaining five houses, hiring the last tenants. The island is now home to a major oil business and a second private company.

    fordson island cleanup

    Essentially, Fordson Island is actually Dearborn, not part of Detroit, and was cut off from the rest of the city when Henry Ford decided he really needed a factory with access to the sea, and paidfor working out the course of the lower Rouge, which is to be widened and widened. expanded and fixed to accommodate large bulk carriers upriver if you need to enter the new Rouge facility. Taken

    fordson island cleanup

    I have the photo above, taken in 2009, circa 2010, just before the restoration of the island and backwater began. Oxbow Lake has always been a popular place to unload boats, and when I took this photo, there were at least five wrecks that were half-submerged. According to Detroit News, the Dinj Island Oil Marathon and the City of Dearborn belong to the City of Dearborn.

    AKT Peerless, the company involved in the restoration of Fordson Island under the “Red River General Walkway” plan, acknowledged that the overall plan for some of the projects was to “restore a specific greenway along the Red River that includes open green lanes from Hines Drive and Red River connect to the southwest with Detroit.” boat hunters during the First World War. Over time, the water supply in the original Red River decreased, which This led to the accumulation of sediment, which is why today it is so shallow and standing.

    The shallow waters of these limited channels eventually turned into abandoned and private boats. Residents who once urged people to leave their homes did not appear until the 1970s. Unfortunately, although the last commercial homes on the island were destroyed by the city of Dearborn in 1989, Fordson Island remained deserted with boats, a decrepit new stilt boathouse,. and nice other remnants of old houses.

    For years, Marathon Ashland Petroleum maintained the island for a huge transshipment terminal. In 2001, Marathon reached an agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Justice regarding previous emissions violations. As a purpose of the settlement, Marathon will indicate its ownership of the terminal in relation to the conservation of Fordson Island.

    In May, which will most often be associated with the 2011 Peerless act, 21 boats were removed from this location type. Wow… there was a little more than I thought! It was only in the summer of 2012 that I startedMy first boat trips on the Red River and decided I could see if I could explore the Fordson area.

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