In the past few days, some drives have been getting error with external hard drive code fat32 320GB. This problem occurs for a number of reasons. We will talk about this below.


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    Open Disk Management in Windows.Right-click the external hard drive and select “Format …” from the drop-down menu.Select “FAT32” above the “File System” line and possibly select “Quick Format”.Finally, click “Start” to format, and this process may take a few minutes.

    If you’ve ever tried to write an external hard drive larger than 32GB in FAT32 on Windows, owners will find that your system won’t allow it. There are several functions for this. If your particular situation requires you to be able to use FAT32, you need to find a way.

    FAT32 is actually a great new filesystem, and it is widely usedused until people started to go beyond their capabilities. One of the traits of this filesystem is that you cannot store a single file larger than 4GB. People who wanted to save larger electronic files chose NTFS files, as such, can actually be stored on a person’s hard drive.

    However, the format is still in use, and at the moment there are situations where this is the only format that will work. For example, some of the modern video tutorials you buy require storage space for fat32 devices.

    Format External Hard Drive To FAT32 Using Command Line

    FAT32 is a solid external disk file system so large that you won’t want to use files larger than 4 GB. If you want these large overhang sizes, you’ll have to use a USB stick with something like NTFS. Or exFAT. The advantage of using FAT32 is portability.

    The fact that your company does not see an option to configure your hard drive to match the Windows Fat32 user interface does not mean that this feature is now completely removed. The delivery you received still exists on your systems, while the utility should help you find and use the task.


    This entire method requires you to answer a few questions and your hard drive will be formatted with your chosen imaging system.

    Connect your external hard drive and return to your computer. Use Windows Search to find Command Prompt, right-click it and select Run as Administrator.

    Using Windows 10 PowerShell To Format External Hard Drive To FAT32

    Windows Ten users can use PowerShell instead of the command line to format the component’s USB hard drive to FAT32. You are probably familiar with this utility if you have been using your own Windows 10 computer for a while.

    How to use

    Press Windows Key + X at the same time to open the gallery. On the newly created menu, click Windows PowerShell (Admin).


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    It will format the drive as FAT32 and therefore notify you when it is done. In most cases it will take a few minutes, but it also depends on the size of the external hard drive.

    Use FAT32 Format To Format External Hard Drives

    The FAT32Format utility has been around for a long time and allows users to quickly format any of your surface hard drives to FAT32.

    This method is ideal for those of you who don’t run commands and want to use tools with a simple interface. The great thing about this method is that you don’t even need to install it on your laptop – it works right out of the box.


    • Go to FAT32Format net and download the tool to your company computer.
    • Connect an external hard drive, which would be your computer if it didn’t already exist.
    • Double-click the file attached to the downloaded file and someone else’s tool will run. Here are most of the options thatyou need to specify to format the drive:

      Drive – select the desired external hard drive from this drop-down menu.
      Allocation unit sizes – let the values ​​not be paid.
      Volume Label – Enter a suitable name for your hard drive.
      Quick Format – It is recommended to clear this checkbox if you are not sure.

      Then click the Start button to begin formatting the outermost drive.

    You can see this progress in the white box.

    Format ExFAT External Hard Drive With EaseUS To FAT32

    EaseUS Partition Master free more than just a DVD formatting tool. It allows you to merge, delete and clone partitions by formatting hard drives to full formats.


    format 320gb external hdd fat32

    Download, install and run the tool. Select your rough drive from the list, right-click it and select Format.

    After formatting the corresponding disk, the tool can send toam notice.


    FAT32 is slowly declining in popularity, but there are still a few credible cases where FAT32 is considered the mainstream. For these rare types of conditions, you have several options, as discussed above, for converting existing drives to FAT32 format.

    For the next command, type png in any specific command prompt window and press Enter. It will launch a utility that you can use, e.g. mer, for formatting disks.

    There is no technique for fat32 in the volume and format control options. The options can only be Exfat and NTFS.

    Enter this command below, click and enter. It lists all the demanding drives available on your computer.

    Make a note of the bottom number of your hard drive. Do the following boot replacing N with your hard drive number.

    Then press Enter after each line of each c Next commands:

    format 320gb external hdd fat32

    On the next screen, usually type the following command into the utility and press Enter. Be sure to change your hard drive letter to d.

    Partition Label – The starting name for your disk.
    File software – select FAT32.
    Cluster – Size Let’s leave the situation unchanged. Alt = “”

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