In some cases, your computer may display a message stating that DirectX 10 for Windows XP is free to download from Microsoft. There are many reasons that can cause this problem.


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    g.The latest version of Direct X for XP is 9.0c.




    Microsoft DirectX ten is a group of technologies designed to make Windows computers an excellent platform for running multimedia display applications such as color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich sound. DirectX includes updatedsecurity and performance improvements, and many new types of cross-technology functionality that applications can access using their DirectX APIs.

    Many early parts of the DirectX API are deprecated in the current DirectX SDK and are retained for compatibility purposes only: XACT). and the loss of support for any home with large boxes makes sound faster as Vista Audio adds sound to the software from the processor side. DirectPlay DPLAY.DLL was also removed and replaced along with dplayx.dll; Games based on this DLL must be duplicated and all renamed dplay.dll.

    Here is a list of some of the improvements and changes made to the entire DirectX series prior to the release of DirectX 10:

    free download directx 10 for windows xp from microsoft

    Direct3D 9: Simulates the behavior of Direct3D 9 as it did in Windows XP. The details and benefits as well as the Windows Vista display driver model are hidden in the application when the WDDM drivers are installed. This is a single API available if only XP graphics drivers (XDDM) have been added, for example after upgrading to Vista.

    free download directx 10 for windows xp from microsoft

    Direct3D 9Ex: Provides full access to new WDDM features (if WDDM drivers are installed) and at the same time contributes tocompatibility with existing Direct3D applications. The Windows Aero user interface is based on D3D on 9Ex.

    Direct3D 10 for DirectX 10: Based on the new driver brand name in Windows Vista and offers a number of important improvements in terms of knowledge and flexibility in rendering, shaders, including Model 4.

    Overall: With a new set of drivers in Windows Vista and continued release in Windows 7, DirectX 10 was developed based on these specifications as an example, especially for nVidia cards.

    You can also search for DirectX 9.0C on this page, or stay on this page and select the DirectX 10 free download link on the right side of the handle.

    DirectX 10 10 on a 32-bit PC and therefore 64-bit

    This download is licensed as a free application for the Windows operating system (32-bit and even 64-bit) on laptops and desktops. From PC components without any inconvenience. DirectX 10 is available on 10, so it’s available as a free Windows download for all software users.

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      The Microsoft DirectX® End User Runtime implements a number of runtime libraries that are far from the legacy DirectX SDK for all games using D3DX9, D3DX10, D3DX11, XAudio 2.7, XInput 1.3 and / or xact, Managed DirectX 1.1. Please note that this DirectX Hint Pack does not in any way alter most of the runtime elements installed on your Windows operating system.

      Free Software

      The new Microsoft DirectX 10 graphics API refers to the legacy Windows XP operating system. Today it is a bold statement from a 19-year-old software company. DirectX 10 is exclusive to the recently released Windows Vista operating system.

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      The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

      The easiest way to download DirectX 9.0a is to make sure you visit the Windows Update website at In the left pane, click “Select update time to install”, select “DirectX 9.0a End-User Runtime” – make a link to XP or Windows 2000, then click “Add” and continue with Windows Update, for example

      Visit all the DirectX download pages on the Microsoft website.Select your preferred language from the drop-down list, then select Download to save an installation file that your computer can use.