Here are some simple steps that can help you solve your FTP print server problem.

g.FTP was used at certain printing temperatures to send a good print job to a server where it was then printed. When you’re done, the print server will place the file on this port.




You can print files to a printer by contactingFTP the printer server using an FTP client.

Copy the configuration file to the directory specified on the command line.

Also enter “ftp ” at the command line and press the [ENTER] key on your keyboard.

ftp print server

Enter the name of the FTP print visitor and press the [ENTER] key on your keyboard.

Enter your FTP print password, then press the [ENTER] key on your keyboard. “define

Enter “, then press [ENTER] on your keyboard.

Enter “exit”, then press the [ENTER] key on your keyboard.

Enter “exit” and press the [ENTER] key on your keyboard.


Start a command prompt using the following procedure.

If you are using Windows

Select [Start] [All Programs] from the [Start] menu, and for [Programs] â † ’â †’ [Accessories] [Command Prompt]. You

if you are using UNIX

Displays the control unit screen.

If You are not sure of the IP address associated with the printer

The default user logo is “guest”.

Unable to establish an unknown connection.

The default password is always “7654321”.

â † ‘

The declaration is printed out by a printer.


When printing it is better to use a file

Print the file in full binary mode.


If you register as an FTP server, you can specify a file on the FTP server using the auto touch panel.abundance. This saves you the trouble of downloading the file and printing this method from your computer.

If you can select a password-protected PDF, the customer must enter the password on the general administration order screen.

How to register an FTP server:

In “Setting Mode (Administrator)”, select [Application Settings] → [Settings for Printing from MFP (FTP)]. Up to 30 FTP servers can be registered.

Enabling FTP services will allow users to send incomeFTP server so all other users can share these jobs.

  1. Select in the Customize section. if

    Note. All users connected to the FS150 / 150Pro Fiery server click instead.

  2. Select Use Passive FTP.Outgoing connection mode when using external connectionFTP server.
  3. Select Enable FTP Printing.
  4. From the default FTP queue list, select the print provider on the Fiery Server that is usually sentManages FTP jobs.

    Published as decoration for standard print connections, print queues, and print devices.virtual (if supported by your Fiery server) alsolisted.

  5. To request a valid PC operator name and password from: aSelect document, photo Password requiredfor print.
    ftp print server

    The man or woman’s name and password must be provided by the administrator.

  6. Enter the FTP timeout.
  7. Apply or save changes.

Important! There are usually two versions Configure them and they definitely refer to the Fiery Server you are actually connected to. This is a huge combined process that Describes what to do and what to do when connecting to a Fiery server with FS100 / 100Pro or earlier. with FS150 / 150 Pro or higher. If you’re not even sure which version to configure To use it, see Which version of Configure am I using?

The Fiery server can support an FTP proxy that uses files.Connection “target_username @ target_system_name / target_username @ target_ip_address “. differentConnection diagrams may not work correctly.



Under Configure, select Network> Services> FTP.Select Use Passive FTP Mode to get outbound connection when using an external FTP server.Select Enable FTP Printing.Under Standard FTP Queue, select a print connection based on the type of Fiery Server to which FTP projects will be uploaded.

Note the TCP / IP address on the embedded Jetdirect URL page.Open a command window on our own computer.Enter ftp .Press Enter on your keyboard.When prompted for a username, press Enter.

Use one of our Windows Network Printer Wizards to determine the IP address.See the Exact DHCP table of the router to determine the IP address. The print server must be first on the list with a MAC address of 80: 3F: 5D.