In this article, we will identify some of the possible reasons that might be causing the Ghost Boot Disk network to appear, and then describe the possible recovery methods that you can try to fix this problem.

There are 2 different options for Boot Disk Creator. Although they share the same name, they are actually quite different. Features vary, and pre-boot operating systems are usually imported separately in each version. Selecting the type of task to run behaves differently in different versions.

ghost boot disk network

To view boot task type options, right-click the configuration in Boot Disk Creator, then select New and select Boot Disk.

This application is part of the Ghost Solution Suite tools standard.

ghost boot disk network

Automation. This mission type loads up the network map truckers and tries to launch the Ghost. (Standard tools do not have an automation agent, if there is one, then using Ghost Standard Tools Automation is the same, although networked.)

Network: This type of task populates network card drivers and attempts to start Ghost.

Offline task. This task type certainly does not attempt to load participants with network traffic or map network drives.

This application is part of the Ghost Solution Suite global console. Launch item in GSS by pressing Tools – Boot Disk Creator and also run Program Files (x86)AltiriseXpressDeployment ServerBootwizbootwiz.exe

Automation. The replication of this task loads the network adapter drivers and the Symantec DAgent runs at startup for automation. Agents can try to contact the Ghost Solution Suite server to find a trusted task assigned to it. If the agent has not received a job for a “known” computer, the agent will restart the working PC. *

Network: This task type loads the network adapter drivers and maps the problematic default share (usually M:=Program Files (x86)AltiriseXpress) but does not create the Symantec DAgent.

StandAlone – This task topic will not attempt to boot into Web 2.0 and will not map drives in a network group. Since the Boot Disk Creator bundled with the console version does not allow the user to select OEM extenders, this means that by default, no ghost tools (such as the main Ghost64.exe) will be present when the disk is started. Since there are no Ghost tools and no connection to a Ghost machine, boot disks created with the offline task boot type are usually useless in single player mode.these Ghost Solution Suite. To make it useful, one would have to copy the ghost tools to boot from disk.

* A computer with an entry in the computers section of the Ghost game console is considered a “known” PC. Famous PCs will not remain in the automation environment if they do not take on the task assigned to the people who force them to do so. In contrast, unknown computers do not need to be restarted immediately, but most people boot into the PE platform and then wait. A specific PC is only started up in the automation system for the first time, for example, after the first startup in the automation environment, the PC becomes a specific known PC, which then requires a different task to remain in the automation system. If you delete a computer entry in the Ghost Console, the computer will certainly never become an Unknown Computer again, but you will lose almost all tasks performed on that computer. Be sure to turn off your computer before attempting to remove an agent from the console, otherwise it will immediately reappear. when the agent is up and running again.

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