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    Today’s blog post is meant to help you when you get a glpi error on Windows.

    Re: Can I Install GLPi On A Windows Machine?

    Yes, you can install IIS, enable (here are the MS PHP docs for PHP). I also did some second hand cache tweaks for PHP on IIS. Extract the GLPI source code to where you want to understand it and view the GLPI configuration. After entering Setup-Auto Behavior for the first time, set whatever actions you want for Execution Mode: GLPI, which will make it extremely. For CLI mode, you need to schedule tasks in Windows that run PHP scripts for automation.


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    4.- Installing GLPI During OpenSUSE 15.2 (II)

    Now you just need to open the desired web browser, connect the server name you have set to VirtualHost and do some setup. In my case glpi.osradar.opensuse and so you see:

    GLPI Software Import

    If you’ve just added a software category, the thought won’t come immediately if you’re using GLPI as the location for your automatic overnight sync. However, you can force a sync immediately.Go to Tools that will do -> OCSNG -> SyncGo to machines already owned by others and run that. (Please note that there is a GLPI bug that often causes you to have to reload a new page or pause/reload the page. Eventually the progress bar will end and you will have a “Back” selection. Otherwise, it won’t work properly .)

    glpi in windows

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.