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  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they are experiencing issues with hitachi Plasma TV 50 troubleshooting.

    Try a power reset: turn on the TV, turn off the TV’s electrical outlet, and unplug the TV’s power cord from the wall outlet. and Press and hold the TV power button for 30 seconds to drain the remaining TV power. In this case, release the button.

    hitachi 50 plasma tv troubleshooting


  • Beware of open burns, fuses, etc. :
  • If any violations are found, replace the printed circuit board with a quality standard. It’s convenient not to endure this when repairing the motherboard.
  • When the AC power is turned on for the first time, the enduring power should turn on and the next voltage should develop.
  • Voltage Standby [SBY 5V], SBY 3.3V on some models] and the CNPSS connector for all voltages is enabled.
  • This requires power codes of power 1 and greater than 2 and come from PWB Dig Main CN-63. Approximately two minutes later, less than a quick start will activate, a relay click will actually be heard, and the CNPPS voltage will shut down the devices.
  • When quick start is enabled, electrical controls 1 and high, 2 and all of the above voltages remain on.
  • hitachi 50 plasma tv troubleshooting

    When the switch receives constant power, the logic board PWB and send vsago Vcego commands to the power supply; after CN64 connection.

  • There are two conditions under which you can fine-tune before pressing the power button multiple times.
    1. When fast start is disabled, Power-1 becomes Power-2 and commands are issued tothis Digi-Main after a brief run of internal diagnostics.
    2. If fast start is enabled, the above doesn’t actually happen because the Power-1 and 2 instructions already say “If high, AC first”.

    Try resetting the power: turn off the TV, turn off the TV, unplug the TV, not to mention unplug the TV from the outlet. Press and hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds to discharge the residual power of the TV, then release the selection. plug the TV’s power cord back into the outlet and turn off the outlet.

  • Generate voltages Vs and Va? This requires the &vcego vsago commands to be elevated and come from the CN-68 logic PWB connector.
  • For her 42 pin inches

  • va-cn64 number 1
  • Vs- CN64 [85v] green number-7
  • -Vs-[-85.8v]CN 64 pin number does not match (for newer DW-3 chassis)
  • For absolute 50 inches

  • Va-[60V] CN64 #1
  • Hook contact Vs-[80V] CN64 8/9/10
  • Check the power button on your Hitachi TV: If your Hitachi isn’t starting for you, you should also look for the power button, make sure it’s not stuck or dirty. Press the power button, immediately turn on the Hitachi TV. no if you need to refresh or push a button.


  • Whenever Won and Wa do not appear and a lake forms, one test must be performed each time.
  • Press the power button and turn off the plasma.bye
  • Wait, don’t hear the relay click.
  • Disconnect the CN64 connector.
  • Connect the re-cn64 connector.
  • If this is not done, the ON switch from to Vs/Va on pins 7 and 8 of this Ne cn68 connector will fail.
  • If you extrude exactly that time We take CN68 and measure the voltage at the CN68 connector on the power supply, this or more will be stb. Will be with 3 pin 3. The current pin is not 1 included.


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