Here are some easy ways to fix the icon resizing issue in Windows 7.


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  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    Right-click anywhere in an empty space on the desktop and select the Show option from the drop-down menu.Choose the option you want: large, medium or small tokens. The default setting is Medium Characters. The table can be adjusted according to your choice.

    Tip. You can also use automatic mouse scrolling to resize the icons in the table. On the desktop, hold down the Ctrl key while scrolling the scroll wheel to zoom in or out on icons.

    For more information on showing or hiding Windows icons individually, see the Find the Trash Can section.

    If you are visually impaired and your screen is likely set to a high resolution, the default icon size in Windows 7 in general may be too manageable to be seen comfortably. In the appearance and personalization settings of the control panel, there is an option to make icons and text larger than they are for better visibility.

    • Video instructions for choosing the size of icons.
    • Video tutorial: enlargedmy version (.mov, 7.9 MB)
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    How to change character and text level 7:

    1. Select Windows Start, Control Panel.
    2. In this control panel, select the Display Settings option and.
    3. On the next screen, select View.
    4. Use radio buttons frequently to select icons and text sizes. You can easily see a warning that some gifts may not fit your TV if you choose a large size.
      Icon size options: 100%, 125%, 150%.
    5. Click Apply to save these changes. You will be notified to ensure that your changes do not consume energy until you log out and log in to your account.

    You can customize many different actions in Windows 7 using the Control Panel options. But customers can also customize some areas with one of our options by clicking nequal mouse button. For example, you can learn how to resize desktop icons in g windows if you want to make those icons larger or sometimes smaller.

    Desktop icons on Windows computers provide a convenient way to access your programs, files, and directories. However, they can usually vary in size, and you may find that the current program settings are either too large or too small for your liking. Fortunately, this index is a parameter of the operating system that you control.

    Our guide below shows you how to select a new shape for desktop icons, making it smaller or larger than the current setting. This can help make icons more attractive to shoppers looking at your current desktop.

    How To Reduce The Size Of Desktop Icons In Windows 7

    1. Right-click on the taskbar and also select Show Desktop.
    2. Right-click on a specific blank spot on the desktop to set an option and Show.
    3. Select your preferredMy symbol body shape from the list of options.

    Our discussion continues below with more information on how to minimize or expand Windows 7 Home PC icons, including pictures of these steps.

    How To Enlarge Or Reduce The Desktop Icons In The Window (instructions With Images)

    how do i change my icon size in windows 7

    The steps in this article will show you how to customize the number of icons on your computer in 7 windows. Note that your setting applies to all characters on your computer system. For example, you cannot increase the size of some icons on the desktop, but leave others at their original size.

    Step 1. Right-click On The Taskbar After Selecting Show Computer Help.

    While not required by law, it makes it easier to ensure that everyone who visits this guide is in the right place.

    Step 2. Right-click Any Available Area On The Desktop, Select The Get View Option And Click One Of Our Large, Medium Or Small Icons.

    Ес And you don’t like the new size of the desktop icon, you should always return to this shopping list and choose one of the options until you find the size that works best for many of you.


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    Do you want a completely different background image on your desktop, but unfortunately you don’t know how? Learn how to change the background of your Windows 7 personal computer and use one of the default images on your computer, or just about any other image you may have made yourself or are available on the Internet.

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    In the Watched folder, change the view to Extra Large Icons. Press Alt to open Tools -> Folder Options. On the View tab, click Apply to Folder. You should finally see huge icons all over the place.

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    You can customize a lot of different things in Windows 7 using the various Control Panel options. You can also customize some aspects by right clicking. First of all, you can learn how to resize desktop markers in 7 windows if you want to make these icons larger or smaller.

    The desktop icons on these Windows 7 computers are an effective way to access your programs, information files, and folders. But they can vary depending on the size, and you may find that your computer’s current settings are either too large or too small for your eagerness. Fortunately, this is an operating system setting that youyou can control.

    In the guide below, you will learn how to choose any new size for office celebrities, making them taller or smaller than their current size. This can make the icons more interesting to you when you hover over the desktop.

    How To Reduce The Size Of Desktop Icons In Windows 7

    1. Right-click someone’s taskbar and choose Show Board.
    2. Right-click an empty space on this desktop, select and view.
    3. Select the large icon you want from the Answers by list.

    Our guide continues below with a lot more information on how Windows 7 creates smaller or larger icons on the desktop, including images of these steps.

    How To Enlarge Or Reduce Desktop Icons In Windows 7 (step By Step Instructions)

    This article shows you how to adjust the size of the icons available on the desktop in Windows 7. Note that this setting applies to all themes on the desktop. For example, you cannot expand some of your importantOther tables, but leave many people in their original size.

    Step Right-click Someone: In The Notification Area, Then Select The Show Desktop Option.

    While this is definitely not technically necessary, it makes it a little easier to understand that everyone who reads this guide is in the right place.

    Step 2. Right-click An Empty Space On The Desktop, Select The Show Option, And Then Select The Large Icons, Medium, Or Small Icons Option.

    how do i change my icon size in windows 7

    If you don’t like the new set of desktop icons, you can always return to this menu and choose one of the other options until you find the size you want.

    Want to use a different background image on the corresponding desktop, but not sure why? Learn how to change your display, your Windows 7 desktop background, use the default images on every computer, or just about any mood you might have captured yourself or found online.

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