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    If you see how to add subtitles to Windows Media Player with error code 12 on your computer, check out the suggested fixes. On the default home screen, right-click the top bar and select Playback > Words, Captions & Subtitles > On, if available. The next time the video plays, right-click anywhere on the basketball player and select Use Lyrics, Captions and Subtitles > On if available.

    how to add subtitles in windows media player 12

    Are You Ready To Watch Videos With Subtitles In Windows Media Player?

    Here’s how you can add subtitles with Windows Media Player. We probably think that Microsoft should have worked on improving external subtitle support in Windows Player, but that usually doesn’t happen. Luckily, the above method of adding subtitles to the new Windows Player media player works well on Windows 10, as it did on Windows as well as previous iterations. So try it on your Windows PC or laptop and let our service know if you encounter any obstacle. Mute the sound in the display area below.


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    Windows Media Player 12

    If you are indeed using Windows 7, Windows Media Player 12 is the default magazine player that comes with this operating system. If you don’t want to embed a third party media player and enjoy WMP 12, follow the steps in this article to add subtitles to WMP 12.

    – Prepare A Video File And Files From The Same Folder

    Create a new folder with a random name, but also move the movie folder and subtitle file there. Pereachange files and keep people online.

    How Do I Use Subtitles In Windows Media Player 12?

    On the default home page, you can right-click the top bar and select Play > Words, Subtitles, and therefore Subtitles “. > Enabled when available. If the main video is already playing, right-click anywhere in the player and select Text, Captions and Subtitles > Enable When Available.

    how to add subtitles in windows media player 12

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.