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    If you know how to find the Windows 7 BIOS ID and Version on your computer, this blog post will help you fix it. On Windows 7, 8, or 10, press Windows + R, type “msinfo32” in the Run box, and press Enter. The BIOS version number is displayed in the System Summary field. Look in the BIOS Version / Date field.

    how to find bios id and version in windows 7

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    Do you need to find or check the latest BIOS on your laptop or desktop computer? BIOS or UEFI firmware can be the software installed by default on your PC’s motherboard and then detects and monitors any on-board hardware, including hard drives, video memory cards, USB ports, storage devices, and more.

    I already wrote about whether you really need to update your BIOS, and that was not the main premise of this short article, unless the update families had a validOf a specific will to do so.

    So how do you know if your computer needs a BIOS update to help? First, you need to find the current version in the BIOS. In this article, I argue that there are several ways to find out about each BIOS version. Once you get the latest version, you can visit our manufacturers’ websites to see which version you have.

    System Information

    Reboot your computer.Open the BIOS menu. After the computer restarts, press F2, F10, F12 or Del to display all the BIOS menus of the computer.Find your BIOS version. In the BIOS menu, find the BIOS version, BIOS version, and firmware version.

    how to find bios id and version in windows 7

    Click Start, Run and type msinfo32. This will bring up a dialog box for your Windows information system.

    In the System Overview section, you should see a nice item called BIOS Version / Date. Your company now knows the current BIOS version.

    Command Line

    Instead of restarting, take a look at these two organizations: Open Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information. Here you will find a summary of the system on the left and its elements on the right. Locate the BIOS version option and the pen BIOS version that appears.

    Another easy way to change the BIOS version without restarting your computer is to open a command prompt and enter the appropriate command:

    wmic bios gets smbiosbios version

    When ordering online, you only get the Et Bios number, much more. However, there would be more commands giving owners more information.

    Wmic Bios is developing a BIOS version

    wmic bios gets version

    Windows Registry

    This registry only stores most of what is in Windows, and your current BIOS version is an exception! don’t go to the next key:


    And you will see BIOS digital keys including SystemBiosDate, SystemBiosVersion, VideoBiosDate and VideoBiosVersion.

    Run Windows Method

    Another way to find out the BIOS account on your computer is to always restart your computer. Some computers, including Dell, will display BIOS version information when the first hunter’s computer starts up.

    Alternatively, you can access BIOS setup by pressing F12, DEL, F10, or F12 when they appear during startup. Other computer manufacturers can certainly use a different key for important settings, but they usually tell you which key to press.

    Since the BIOS interface is different for almost all computer manufacturers, you may have to browse the page until users see the BIOS revision or version.

    If you are using a new Windows 8 UEFI workstation with only Legacy BIOS, the client We will not be able to click on key items during the loading process. In these cases, users will need to start from the System Recovery Options screen. Once there, everyone should click on Troubleshoot and then move on to advanced options.

    BIOS policies and information are also displayed in all Windows utilities. To open the utility, click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then click System Information. If you are using Windows Vista, or even Windows 7 or Windows 10, enter system information (or msinfo32) in the Start Search box.

    This is exactly the same method of putting Windows 8 into Safe Mode, but instead of using the mouse pointer in Boot Settings, you must use the firmware with UEFI settings. Note that this option will only appear if your BIOS is UEFI.

    Third Party Software

    If you prefer to use this third-party utility, which will also provide you with all the rest of your computer’s information, Speccy is a good option. This is the same company that created CCleaner, one of the best protection tools for Windows PCs.


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    Click “Motherboard” and then you will see an item called BIOS, which will indicate the brand, version and date of the BIOS. The program also provides many other system and technical information related to the processor, operationalmemory, memory, etc. for most people


    Thus, all these people know how to find out the version of their BIOS in almost any other way. The BIOS should only be updated when necessary and with great care. A failed BIOS update can freeze your entire computer, forcing you to spend a lot of money fixing the application.

    The BIOS update process assumes that information about this cannot be obtained. Each motherboard manufacturer has its own set of BIOS writing tools. Some have the option to update the BIOS itself, others require you to boot from a USB stick and thus flash the entire BIOS.

    Find the downloaded document cccn21ww.exe.Double click on this particular cccn21ww.exe icon.Click Install.Click Flash Bios.Press Enter to start blinking.After completing the redesign, the computer will automatically restart the computer for the changes to take place or in effect.

    Each BIOS file is usually shipped in a compressed database package that contains a ReadMe text message file. It is important that you read as many files as they contain extremely detailed instructions on how to update your BIOS.

    The only BIOS update that buyers should avoid is by installing Windows. This is usually a completely new Windows application Which you can download and modify from Windows to flash a specific BIOS. The problem is that it can fail because Windows is running, and usually the manufacturers themselves do not recommend this. This is the easiest method, but if the device fails, it poses the greatest risk.

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