If you know how to access a biography on Vaio, this article may help you. g.With the computer completely off, press and hold our help button until you see the VAIO’s black screen.At VAIOCare | At the Rescue Mode screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Enter BIOS Setup [F2] and press Enter.




BIOS, or Basic Input / Output System, allows trading brokers to customize the computer hardware parameters available on the computer. Sony VAIO brands come with many standard BIOS features as well as hard drive settings, boot rules, and hardware information nentah. While most Vaio-based laptops show the corresponding BIOS keyboard key, other laptop environments are not as intuitive.

Turn on or restart your Sony VAIO personal computer so that it appears with the startup screen or main logo.


Press the “F2” key on your computer to enter BIOS. If necessary, press the key several times long before the operating system boots.


Change the required BIOS settings. The BIOS screen usually has a blue, light pink, or gray background and is indicated by the abbreviation “BIOS” or “CMOS Setup Utility” at the top of the screen.


Press F10 to save all settings, otherwise press Esc on one keyboard and then select Cancel without saving changes when prompted.

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  • Change BIOS settingsmay cause accessories to become unstable or stop working. Do not change the equipment configuration if you are not familiar with the ready-made effects.

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how to get into bios on vaio


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how to get into bios on vaio

In the manual, under Setting / Changing Power On Password, you mention that I would say a normal F2 :

Turn on the VAIO hard drive and hold down the F2 key until the VAIO logo disappears.

The BIOS setup screen appears. If the window does not appear, restart your computer and try again.

You can use the BIOS function to start your own VAIO computer from external devices, either an optical drive or a USB floppy disk drive.

  1. Connect a third-party device to your VAIO laptop and computer.
  2. Press f11 several timesOnce until the VAIO username disappears.

The start-up process starts from the outdoor unit. If your VAIO computer workstation does not start, restart your computer and try again.



Start VAIO and press the F8 key several times. The Windows Start menu may appear.

Press the F10 key to exit BIOS setup. In the Confirm Setting dialog box, press Enter to save these changes and exit.

Common keys to insert into BIOS are F1, F2, F10, Delete, Esc, and higher combinations like Ctrl + Alt + Esc or Ctrl + Alt + Del, although these are most common on older computers. Also, be very wary of anyone using a key such as F10 to launch something else, such as the Shoes & Boots menu.