You may receive an error message telling you how to get your Norton Antivirus product key. It turns out there are several different ways to solve this problem, so we’ll discuss that now.


  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
  • The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Log in to your account. Scroll down the My Subscription page and under Norton Utilities Premium or Norton Utilities Ultimate you will find the main product. Write down or copy the course key.

    DOCID: v71537110
    Operating system: Windows
    Last Modified: 01/11/2021

    For instructions on how to take full advantage of your Norton product key, select one of the following options based on your business situation:

    If you’re still unsure how to find your current product key, see Find your Norton product key.

    Frequent Difficulties Entering The Product Key

    • Spaces in the product key result in a fatal error.

    • Be sure to enter the licensing guide for the specific product you are likely to use. License information for a Norton product is not interchangeable with a Norton product.

      For example, you cannot use your company’s Norton Protection product key to purchase Norton Utilities or Norton Utilities Ultimate Premium to activate it. You can find the product key for purchasing Norton Premium Utilities or Norton Ultimate Utilities on the My Subscription page of your account.

    • Start Norton.Then click Activate Now on the home screen.Click Next.In the PIN for my product box, enter the PIN provided by your service provider.Click Activate.Enter a call for your computer and click Activate.Close Activation completed! Window.Click Finish.

      If you see another message with incorrect or invalid information about the accreditation exam, it means that you entered the information about the current license exactly in accordance with the information instructions.

      Several types of aces (for example, the zero number and the letter O) are very similar. Try to check the usage: letters O, l (lowercase l), I I); (Capital and volumes 0 (zero) and 1 (one).

    Activate Or Renew With A System Key Purchased From A Store

    1. Open your Norton device security product.

      When the My Norton window opens, click Device Security, Open.

    2. Just do one of the following:

      • To activate your subscription, click Activate Now in the main window of some Norton products.

      • To renew your personal subscription, in the Norton Product Critical window, click Help, then under Information, click Account and click Enter Product Key.

    3. Enter the product key that the store actually gave you.

      To find your product key, find your Norton product key.


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      If your preferred product key works, ignore the “Invalid product key” message.

      If someone uses the keyproduct, the remaining days of your current subscription will not be added to the monthly subscription associated with the new key.

    My Device Is Protected By Norton. A Product And I Want To Activate It

    1. Open the wellness product for your Norton device.

    2. Click

    3. Help.
    4. Click Enter Product Key.

    5. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    I Need To Download And Install A New Norton Device Security Product Before Using My Product Key

    Instead of updating Norton AntiVirus, you can purchase and install another Norton or Symantec product with enhanced functionality. When purchasing new products, some subscriptions are valid for one year, unless you choose a longer plan. You can buy a new product or service from the Norton website or store.

    1. Sign in to your account again.

    2. If you are not really signed in yet, enter your email address and password or click Sign In.

      If you definitely don’t have an account, click Account and then complete the registration process.

    3. From the start page, click Download Norton.

      If you have a top secret product that is not yet registered with your account, click Enter New Real Product Key.

      Enter the program key Multiple product and click>. Follow the instructions on the screen to activate the product.

    4. Click Submit & Download.

    5. Do one of the following depending on your browser:

      • For Windows: Press Ctrl + J to unlock the download window in your web browser and double-click the downloaded file.

      • For Mac: Press Command + L to open the download window in that browser and double-click the downloaded file.

    6. When the User Account window opens, click Next.

      Follow the instructions on the screen.

      Your Norton product is now installed and presented.

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    how to get product key for norton antivirus

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.