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    If you have seen how to manually uninstall and reinstall Outlook Express, this guide may help. Scroll through each Windows Components Wizard until you see Outlook Express. Clear all the checkboxes next to Outlook Express and click the “Next” button. Wait for the wizard to complete, then click Finish.

    how to manually uninstall and reinstall outlook express

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    This article discusses general performance issues affecting Windows Search and search indexing.

    If you’re experiencing poor overall performance on Google Search, or if Windows is plotting the index, go to Tune Indexer Performance.

    If you see error messages, Troubleshoot search errors.

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    Optimize The Performance Of Your Indexer

    The main factors that affect indexing efficiency are the variety of elements indexed and the overall size of the index. These indicators are related but differentpersonal.

    Number of indexed goods and services

    On a typical user’s computer, the indexer indexes fewer than 30,000 components. On the user’s Power machine, your indexer can index, allowing you to view 300,000 items. When an indexer indexes more than 400,000 items, there may be performance issues at first. For more information, see Index database size.

    The indexer can index up to 1 million items. If my indexer tries to index beyond this general limit, p could crash or cause serious resource problems. C (for example, high CPU usage, storage or disk space usage).

    To check the range of indexed items, go to Settings > Windows Search and check the value of indexed items.

    Index database size

    Because the number of indexed items exceeds 400,000, the indexing database grows significantly, but depending on the r The size of these elements. The element size also affects the size of the database. A database containing a few large files or a large number of small files can affect performance. These two important things together can exacerbate the problem. The indexer is trying to compress the index for personal information. However, this approach becomes less effective as Index’s customer base grows.

    By default, the Windows.edb file is located in the specific folder C:ProgramDataMicrosoftSearchDataApplicationsWindows. To check the largest file size, follow most of the following steps:

    1. Right-click the Windows.edb file and select Properties.

    2. Check the disk size value. This property reflects the actual space used by my database.

    Adjustment methods

    Restart your computer.Close all other Windows programs except Outlook Express (and Internet Explorer).Delete temporary internet files:Compress all folders in Outlook Express:Re-register Outlook Express:Re-register our DLL files used by Outlook Express:

    There are several approaches you can take to improve search performance and search indexing.

    Let the indexer run for up to 24 hours to rebuild the entire index database.

    Exclude folders

    You can use This is an important approach to reduce the number of related items indexed, which can reduce the size of the search engine database. To exclude entire folders based on the index, go to Settings > Search > Windows Search > Add Fantastic Excluded Folder. Then select the file to exclude.

    For a more precise method of excluding or eliminating problems, open Windows Search and select Advanced Search Indexer Options. In the indexing options, select Edit, then select or deselect locations for indexing. How

    Change indexer to handle specific file types

    To specify how the indexer handles certain registry types, open Indexing Options and find Advanced > File Types. You’ll change how the indexer handles selected file types (identified by the ad extension), add or configure new data file types.

    Defragment database index

    This approach can be used to get an empty house into the indexe databases. Open a great command prompt window, then run the following commands in the order listed: Sc config wsearch start=disable Net stop wsearch EsentUtl.exe /d %AllUsersProfile%MicrosoftSearchDataApplicationsWindows Windows.edb Sc config wsearch Net start =auto start delayed by wsearch

    For more information on how this will affect index database defragmentation, see the following KB article:

    2952967 The Windows.edb file is larger than expected when indexing a PST file on Windows

    Change Outlook settings

    To reduce the contents of your Outlook mailbox, you can change the sync window to a more intensive time interval than the default period of one year. See the following article for more information:

    how to manually uninstall and reinstall outlook express

    3115009Updated why we admins don’t set additional default email and calendar sync windows for large Exchange accounts in Outlook 2016

    Fix Search Errors

    When the indexer has successfully created the entire index database, you will see the marketing message Indexing completed on the search settings page Windows and indexing options.

    If another message appears, see the most important table below for more information about the message and how to respond to it.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    After that, you may need to sign in to the Microsoft website and follow the instructions there to reinstall Outlook 2016 after it prompts you to uninstall. In general, to troubleshoot Outlook, you can reinstall Outlook365 or whatever version you use.

    Exit Outlook Express.Launch OE Mail Recovery.Select “Save Folder” in the Outlook Express storage.Select the named DBX file as a separate folder in Outlook Express.Click the “Start Play/Extract” button.Select a backup folder on your hard drive to save the recovered messages.Click the “Save All” button.

    To uninstall Outlook Express, you need to rename several folders. NOTE. Before uninstalling Outlook Express, make sure you are logged in as an administrator. Click Start, select Programs, select Accessories, and then click Windows Explorer. C:Documents and SettingsusernameLocal SettingsApplication DataIdentities

    Status Actions
    Message indexing Explanation Possibly completed The indexer is probably working fine and has finished indexing. Indexing must be completed and all results must be available. If you’ve always neglected to create files, make sure the correct folders are selected for viewing. View a detailed list of your currently indexed locations, open Windows Search and select Advanced Search Indexer Options. In the indexing options, select Edit Selection.
    Indexing in progress. Search results may be incomplete over time. The indexer has detected new system type files and is adding them to the index. Depending on the total number of recently modified files, this may take several hours OcLeave the computer turned on and connected to AC power (if applicable) for a few hours to complete the listing.
    Indexing speed will be reduced due to end user actions. The indexer will add new content to the search, but is now slower because the user is still interacting with the device.