In this user guide, we will reveal some of the possible causes that might cause cd drive recovery in Windows XP, and after that, we will give possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this problem.


  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    Insert someone’s CD into the drive to notify.Restart your computer.On the “Welcome to the installer” screen, press R to load the Recovery Console.You must be logged in as an administrator or a smoker who currently has administrator rights on the system.Press Enter.The Recovery Console should now be available.

    Installation of The Code Book on Fails CD on some computers running Windows XP. This page explains how to solve the problem.

    Installation Failed On Windows XP

    When: This issue sometimes occurs in Windows XP. Most users no longer have problems.

    What: I got an error message such as “The system file is not suitable for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications”.

    Why? One or more entries are missing and should be replaced.

    1. Insert the Windows XP CD into the My Drive Ultimate CD or DVD drive.
    2. Open toComputer” to find the drive that is the traditional drive you are using. It is listed in parentheses immediately after the CD name, for example (D:).
    3. Click the “Start” button in the designated area in the lower left corner of the screen and/or click “Run”.
    4. In the Open Package field, type cmd and click OK.
      1. Deploy DrvLett:i386config.nt_c:windowssystem32config.nt
      2. Deploy DrvLett:i386autoexec.nt_c:windowssystem32autoexec.nt
      3. Deploy
      4. logout
    5. At the command line, type the following, clicking after each, replacing DrvLett with the drive mail you found in step 2.
      Note that there are two spaces in each of the first three commands, only one after “expand” and one just after the underscore “_”. Try
    6. now uses The Code Book on CD. If everything works fine, you should not continue to run them according to the instructions.
    7. Also, if the problem persists, you should only launch Notepad on your computer via flight, then this Microsoft help page will help you, and you can start by following the instructions of allguide #7 on this page. .

    Windows XP and later can be restarted using the entire partition of the computer instead of using a separate CD. However, if you’re having trouble booting up, installing a brand new operating system on your work computer, or trying to fix a problem, the Windows XP installation disc can do the job.


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    Turn on the computer and insert the main Windows XP installation CD into the CD-ROM drive. The player may take a few minutes to open if you just tried. If your system has bugs and you can’t understand Windows, that’s fine; Just briefly turn on your computer to open the CD-ROM drive.

    how to restore cd drive in windows xp

    Restart your computer. If a person cannot access the menu to restart the computer, press and hold the power button for five seconds until the computer turns off. Click it again to change direction again. Your computer does traditionally boot from a CD. If not, enter the BIOS (on the boot screen) your computer’s BIOS entry button will appear) and adjust the boot order settings to come from the CD first and not from the hard drive.

    how to restore cd drive in windows xp

    Wait for the computer to load the CD, and then the installation welcome screen will appear. Select the “To build Windows XP, press ENTER now” option, accept the license agreement, and proceed with the installation. Windows installs as a fresh install on the hard drive of your choice. This process may take some time and will also require our intervention to configure the PC name and network settings.

    If this CD-ROM drive is not listed in Device Manager, the drive cables may not be connected correctly. It is also possible that the drive has failed and needs to be replaced.

    If a specific CD-ROM drive is not listed in the specific device manager, the drive cables may not be connected correctly. It is also possible that the disc is damaged and needs to be replaced.

    What probably happened is that the exact file was processed.The “autorun” option is either in your configuration or on this particular drive. This means that, by definition, when you insert a disc, nothing happens.

    If our own drive won’t open when you press the eject button, make sure the CD power cable is correct.Fully connected.

    If your company uses a Windows system and seems to be formatting it on its own hard drive, you’ve come to the right place. From fixing any hard drive issues to simply deleting your exact records, there can be many reasons to format a hard drive. However, many people find it difficult to format a Windows XP hard drive without a CD. To make things easier for you, I suggest a Windows XP hard drive without a CD in this guide. In addition, I will also tell you how to clean up your Windows XP hard drive using a bootable CD. Let’s start right now!

    What Is A Bootable CD For In Windows?

    Use it to launch the Windows 10 desktop after Device Manager launches by deleting the Windows + X key and clicking Device Manager. Expand DVD/CD-ROM Drives, right-click the optical drive in the list, and select Uninstall. Exit Device Manager and then restart the entire computer. Windows 10 will recognize our drive and reinstall it.

    In most cases, system brands include a bootable CD for the device or require PC users to create one. Ideally, this is definitely a write-protected drive that can project your system into a Windows environment.

  • Bootable media can reinstall an empty copy of Windows into a hive.
  • It can restore the operating system in case of various scenarios (such as corruption Firmware, computer system crash, sparse screen, etc.)
  • The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD or DVD drive.Open My Computer to find the Drives document for the drive you are using.Click the Start button, usually in the lower left corner of the screen, then click Run.In the “Open Popular” field, type cmd and click “OK”.

    Ideally, the drive will now be recognized by Windows. You may need to uninstall your CD burning software, restart your computer, reinstall your CD and DVD burning software, and restart your computer again if the software no longer recognizes our drive.