Recently, some of our users encountered a known error code while executing commands on Windows. This problem can occur for several reasons. We will discuss this below.


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    Click the Start button, select Programs, Accessories, and then click Command Prompt. At the command prompt, type webstart and press Enter to display a list of running services.


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    The easiest way to access the Run command window is to use the Windows key + A shortcut. This method is not only easy to remember, but also universal for all versions of Windows. Press and hold the Windows key, then highlight R on your keyboard.

    What Is The Command Line?

    The command line is an application primarily related to Windows computers that interacts directly with the operating system to automate actions using scripts and batch files. This app is a command line text translator that can work as a direction finding tool. It is also used to perform advanced management actions or troubleshoot some problems in Windows. For example, with Command To Prompt, family members can identify anyone using your Wi-Fi connection, track down a possible hacker to potentially fix a file that won’t open. Of course, using the command line can give you more control over your current computer, including submitting certain exercises that are passed exclusively through the command line.

    Schedule A Task At A Specific Time

    To schedule a task, which we need right now, specify the time and your team for the task we need for its actualWhich launch. For example, if a person wants to turn off their computer today at 11:00 pm, you can do so with the command no.

    how to run at commands in windows

    13.1. WhichMicrosoft HyperTerminal?

    MicrosoftHyperTerminal is a comprehensive program included with Microsoft Windows.You can use it to send AT commands to your mobile phone or even GSM/GPRS.Modem. You can find it in the Start Menu -> Programs ->Accessories -> Communications -> Hyperterminal.If you can’t find it and you’re using Windows 98, you probably are.this method is not installed. You can go to Control Panel ->Add/Remove Programs -> Monthly Windows Installation Bill ->Combo Box ‘Communication’ -> ‘Button Details’Install MS HyperTerminal.

    Run Line Coming To Market

    The Run command line is likely to be one of the least managed features. in initial navigation. It’s a shame because it can be very helpful. He can often the fastest way to successfully run programs or open versions and documents.The following figure shows the initial startup of Windows XP. Windows Vista/7 does not display the line “RunRun” in the Start menu in default settings, but the Run prompt can be accessed in all recent versions of Windows by critically holding the Windows + R key combination. From the Run prompt in Windows Vista /7 the Start Menu is considered at the end of this article.

    Microsoft Windows And Additional Feedback

    in the cp GUI for the Windows Scheduler in the Windows Control Panel, offers an .exe file sold to which commands and programs are assigned to start the computer at a specific time and date (similar to cron). It is available on NT, Windows, but has now been deprecated in favor of Schtasks. It can be used when the scheduling service is running. When used without parameters, the .exe lists scheduled commands.[4]at.exe cannot access tasks created or modified with Control Or Panel schtasks.exe.[5] Also, tasks using the generated at.exe are not interactive by default; must be specifically requested.[6]

    how to run at commands in windows

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.