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irc winamp addon

Fully playable plugin for mIRC, PIRCH, Klient, Bersirc, other IRC and messaging clients that supports full player control with mIRC, playlist search, press integration – documents, HTTP, image forced signatures and much more.
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A brief overview of the most important features:
– Providing song resources for IRC clients (mIRC, PIRCH, Client, Bersirc)
– Playlist for quick search, easily accessible via global hotkey and supporting daily phrases
– File captions for email users with np: Create song information
– Create image captions for use in forums
– Clipboard integration to provide music information for any application
– Reliable plugin with your scriptsmi mIRC

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50. June 2004, Sergey Baranov 121,099 downloads

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This is probably the most complete mIRC / Winamp playable plugin. Complete with presets for channel output, message integration and more. There is also a detailed help section where you can get started.


irc winamp addon

Great – thanks. I was trying to find a powerful mIRC for gamers. It counts as anything you want and more. Many thanks! – May 20, 2009 courtesy of rymiller

New Version Available – A new beta is available on the AMIP site that supports MSN, Skype, Yahoo, AIM and Google Talk.amip compatible with all Winamp layouts, if the player crashes while the AMIP is still installed, read the FAQ entry here: – Sergey Baranov, April 9, 2006

o_o Great plugin, but I don’t think it works with Winamp 5.21, since I installed Winamp 5.21, it doesn’t work ­čÖü – March 27, 2006, Chris Owen

Every hour is better. The new version is awesome, I keep working on my script to make full use of this valuable plugin. With its many features and recoverable development data, this plugin is a must-have.In my first review, I point out that I probably wasn’t that happy, but this WordPress tool has been greatly improved. Wonderful. – February 2, 2006, via David Medina

Very cool – I said the mIRC script uses this plugin, which is great, just the information you can get is definitely … but can I get the information from Strems? I don’t know how: S, although thread support was added in 2.48 as detailed in the exact changelog.One of my problems is that I get the information provided by the song and it writes which “artist – song” can mIRC, but if I change the ID3 tag of your current song and get the information, it won’t update. .. do not stop and do not replay or play different songs, and then repeat the observation with the changed ID3 tag. Do we need to reload the playlist (or reactivate Winamp?) – April 13, 2005 David Medina

Note. This is pretty much any great plugin in my opinion, because with it you can potentially show your friends what track you are listening to without adding a song title. – January 1, 2005, mostly Cannavaro xus

Great! But I found a bug .. – Great plugin. I’ve been working on something like this. But I don’t have to finish mine to find yours! Typically, you are using great features and great performance!However, I encountered a bug on the system. If you use a newline like this:/ msg #support & c9,1? :: & c0,1% name & c9,1 ::? & c9,1? ^ _ ^? & c1% min:% sec ~ m ::% br ~ Kbps ::% sr ~ KHz & c9,1? ^ _ ^?The text for the hour, Kbps, KHZ is also not displayed in black. It takes on a pale red color. The same happens if you change the color often, for example 0.1, the site always does this. – November 15, 2004, by wiccaan wiccaan

The best place to buy is here. – I have the latest version of your business from the AMIP online store and my Winamp came first. In this version, no. Fantastic. It is necessarydimo for Winamp Mirc operator! – Jul 2, 2004 Irondude Taylor