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    Over the past few days, some readers have reported that they have stumbled upon the iseries 270 control panel.

    Solve The Problem

    Top left area

    o is for 9406 models Bxx to Fxx.
    o From 9404 Bxx to Fxx became planar systems in the upper right corner.
    o Reduced right control panel designed for 1xx and Axx to Fxx copiers.
    o Bottom left 9404 for 1xx models.

    Image b is an example of administration panels for CISC 3xx devices (models and 2xx) enclosed in black boxes.

    iseries 270 control panel

    Examples of control screens contained in black boxes for CISC systems (models 3xx and 2xx).


    The LED lights up when the processor is turned on.


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    Note. The power-on indicator blinks when the system is booting up and can be turned off manually. When using the Power Down System (PWRDWNSYS) or Power On Off and Tasks (POWER) settings, the Power On LED does not flash.

    B Power button, possibly a button

    On the 9402 1xx and Axx-Fxx models, there are usually two separate switches in this location for delayed on and off. PressClick the power button to wake the system from sleep, or press the power button to turn off most of the system.

    For all 9401 P0x and 10x models, 9404 1xx models, 9402/9404 2xx models, and 9404/9406 3xx models, the power switch is likely to be a button. For real models 9401 P0x and 10x, models 9404 1xx press the button to start the system; Press the button twice again to turn off the system. The first time you press it, it displays 0? It’s definitely fail-safe, i.e. do you really want to do it?

    On the 9404 Bxx-Fxx and 9406 Model Bxx-Fxx system units, the manual power switch can be set to the on (up) position to start the current system, or to the delayed off (down) position. to turn off the system. If you turn the power switch to the “on” or even “delayed off” position and remove your hand from the switch, the control panels will return to the middle position.

    On the 9406 Bxx-Fxx, 9401 1xx, and many 9404/9406 3xx models, devices have processor LEDs with a graphical display that indicates processor activity. OtherOn some iSeries leased servers, the CPU activity light blinks while programs are running.

    This LED illuminates when multilevel mode requires operator attention, such as when clearing a fatal system error.

    iseries 270 control panel

    The function display shows the entered function information. The two removed positions mean that the number thus selected is used with the selection switch.

    Models 9401 P0x and 10x, models 9402 1xx and Axx-Fxx, models 9402/9404 2xx and models 9404/9406 3xx have an ideal display for functions and data. When you move (increase or decrease) the selector switch or knob, the function number appears in the function/data display. When you press the enter button, the participant number disappears and the data for the previously available function appears. Only the function numbers of that type that can be used in the current mode are displayed. The function/data display of this system of units can display up to eight digits if required. The selected item will not be submitted for processing for that particular object until it is actually onthe Enter key is pressed. System referral discount codes or other transaction unit or control panel information is also displayed on the function/data display.

    The 9404 1xx, 9404 Model Bxx-Fxx, and 9406 Model Bxx-Fxx data displays can display up to eight digits for technical reference codes or other information from the processor or new control panel. The data display clears the real fruit selection each time. or (increase or decrease), or another function may be displayed on the function display. When you press Enter, the data viewer will be able to display web data again.

    Select radio button G or select button

    The light selector switch or the (increase or decrease) button can be used to increase or decrease the number displayed on the function display. The selector switch and button (increase or decrease) can be used to change the document displayed in the data browser after you have selected the type of bootloader and program (IPL).

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