You may receive an error message that says the kwikset Smartcode keyless touchpad is being troubleshooting. It turns out that there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will discuss shortly.



Check for keyboard failure. Install a new set of batteries and turn switch # 3 to ON. Test each key on the keyboard (one at a time) and listen for a beep on each key. If the keyboard does not beep, contact technical support for further troubleshooting.

Keypad lock
If you enter three incorrect codes in a meaningless code, the keypad will be locked for 70 seconds.

If Kwikset SmartCode personal lock does not work after releasing custom code, and you are locked as well, you can fix the problem faster:

  • Make sure all user codes are valid / correct. Also check to try again.
  • Use a physical key so they can unlock it – in case it does find out with the user code. Kwikset
  • Contact the technical serviceTechnical support or to a locksmith for help – if it cannot be opened with a regular key.

So this is the fastest way to unlock the lock / door on the market – when you’re safe.

Now let’s take a look at the possible causes of this problem and how we can actually fix / prevent it from recurring in the future.

Kwikset SmartCode Blocking Will Not Be Unblocked: Possible Causes And Remedies

If your Kwikset keyboard isn’t working, Opossum might be playing. If the keyboard is still empty, replace the batteries and turn on switch 2 to perform the test. Press each key at any time and make sure it beeps. If some of your buttons still don’t work They are responding, it’s time to call the manufacturer’s support service for further testing.

1 To. Low Battery

Low electrical power may interfere with the electronic operation of the lock. Therefore, if the electrical performance of your Kwikset SmartCode is generally low, there is a chance that your lock is not working properly and this could be the reason that your lock … Do not remove the lock after you have received a valid user code. …

kwikset smartcode touchpad keyless entry troubleshooting

So, you want to check that the main batteries are active and make sure that customers replace them with the most suitable batteries – when they are low.

Kwikset SmartCode uses non-rechargeable AA alkaline batteries. Make sure you are using the correct batteries, asUsing unsuitable batteries may cause some locks to malfunction.

Bad electrical batteries can be lithium batteries and any type of rechargeable battery. Kwikset definitely does not recommend using lithium or any rechargeable batteries.

What’s more, most people want to avoid mixing old electrics with new ones, as this can cause the battery to leak, leading to improper operation and other problems.

2. Invalid User Code

To unlock the Kwikset SmartCode lock mechanism using the keyboard, you need to enter a valid user code, but then probably also press the Kwikset button – depending on the SmartCode lock model. Blocking

Unlocking will fail if the user code is incorrect. Check how often you enter a valid user code.

3. Error

You still can’t unlock the lock with your user code after doing the above steps in general, can you? Then it’s safe to assume it’s a nuisance, and you canfix it after resetting the lock to factory settings.

If you don’t know how to reset all Kwikset SmartCode to factory settings, see below:

  • Step 1. Remove the electric heater.
  • Step 2. Press and hold the program button. Then replace the battery by holding down any programming button.
  • Step 3. Continue to hold the programming button (about 30 seconds). The lock flashes red while the beep sounds.
  • Step 4: Press the programming button and complete the process.

The lock flashes green and beeps twice to indicate that it has been reset.

Make sure you can reopen the door just because the lock often won’t work without it. (For details on the door transfer process, see step 8 below).

Also keep in mind that deleting the factory settings will override any previous programming, so you will have to start over to program your own lock.

kwikset smartcode touchpad keyless entry troubleshooting

What to do if you have already connected all your Kwikset SmartCode locks to an experienced hub or smart home / security system, and such systemsthemes like Vivint and Ring Alarm will allow you to reconnect after a business restart.

4. Door Transfer Failed

Kwikset SmartCode and other models require customers to follow the “door deployment process” during initial installation or later during a factory restore.

Door Operation processes the SmartCode lock to choose whether the bolt will point to the right or even to the left, and your lock will not be electronically identified if it hasn’t already been.

Therefore, if you are installing the lock only for the first time or have occasionally performed a factory reset, be sure to follow the door opening procedure. Otherwise, the lock will not work fully electronically.

This is probably how the e-book door opens:

  • Step 1. Be sure to remove the battery. Next, hold down the soft button, then move the battery (it’s incredible to hold down the soft button).
  • Step 2. Release the programming button after successful battery replacement.
  • Step 3. Press and hold the buttonI’ve been programming a second time. Now the trap usually knows the direction of the door from the moment it is opened and closed.

If the status light then flashes green, the path was successful. But if it’s red, it means you don’t need to finish it – start over and help fix it.


While we can fix a Kwikset lock that refuses to unlock (after entering a reliable and valid user code) by simply replacing the batteries and / or restoring to factory settings, things may not happen right away. Here the problem will certainly be much more complicated.

So, if someone can fix your Kwikset SmartCode lock by following the dedicated troubleshooting steps, congratulations! Otherwise, contact Kwikset technical support for assistance.



Hold down the “Reset” button for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, you will hear many long beeps indicating that the lock has been released. A user code can be used to unlock a door, and a master code is a password that can be used to change the functions of the lock.

Flashing yellow means it is locked, flashing green means it is actually unlocked, and red means the battery is low.