Over the past few weeks, some readers have informed us that they have encountered error 1 for the lexus cd. g.Mechanism Error – Indicates a mechanical failure, often due to scratched, dirty, or wrinkled discs. Changer error. Eject most of the disk, check it, and reload the program if it is intact and clean. Check disc loading – Remove and reinsert the disc.




For some reason, the changer stopped working !!!! Maybe someone for memaybe …

Perfectly recognizes CDs. Also easily switches to different drives; However, as soon as I select a drive, I actually see everything on my screen. That is, the track and time will not be accurately displayed …

All players trying to play seem to try to re-insert the CD / DVD several times, then the LCD displays ERR 1.

Can people make any suggestions ??? I cannot be without my music!

If it is a large top loader, remove the head unit through the air conditioner controller, divide the plus in two by removing the side panels, presumably unscrew the 2 screws that hold the large head unit cover so you can watch your CDs.

Go back in time to the car, reconnect the new head unit and turn it on immediately, make sure the lens of the CD is in sight, then unplug the headphones with something (car). Glasses / CD cleaner / cheap shaving) Clean the lenses and fit the top caps / plastic s A / C and return them back to the main car.

I’ve done this for myself a few times when I usually get error 1. I just update the main block, reload it and it works !!



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