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    Joystick buttons are difficult to close or get stuck after being pressed.

    logitech dual action troubleshooting

    If there is dirt or debris on the keys, it may affect the ability of the key to move. First, check to see if any visible residue has been removed with massage alcohol and a rag. If the problem persists, the problem can be very internal, so you need to follow the dedicated guide to disassemble the controller and clean the buttons one by one.

    The panel containing the buttons may be damaged. If so, you will need to strip the controller and check the rubber pad under the buttons. If they appear, they are damaged, they need to be replaced.

    If the rubber on the joystick cap is damaged, or if the joystick itself is likely cracked, you can replace the large analog joystick body by opening to the corresponding controller. With analog glue swapping, this is relatively easy.

    logitech dual action troubleshooting

    The cable connecting the controller to the USB port is clearly damaged

    If a damaged cable exposes the inside of the color-coded cables, but does not expose the photographer’s cables, and the controller is stationary, you can protect the wire from further damage by wrapping electrical tape around it. damaged main cable area.

    If in fact the inner copper wires are exposed, the cable will be cut by 0.5, you definitely need to solder the wires together. When soldering, make sure the colors of the cable connections match.

    The USB on the controller is malfunctioning or corrupted so it cannot be blocked

    If the USB stick is deformed, you can also reshape it with tweezers, depending on the severity. Be aware that trying to connect an irregularly shaped USB flash drive to your computer can seriously damage the entire computer port. I like it

    When replacing most cables, you will need to solder a new USB connector to the cable.


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    Buttonsunlocks automatically look fine but probably don’t work

    The offset connecting the triggers to the controller motherboard may have been infected with a virus. This will make the trigger unstable, but will not actually be able to transmit data. To check and resolve this issue, see the instructions.

    The LED does not light up when the joystick is touched

    If the LED is off and the controller should not be recognized by the computer, it is likely that the controller as a whole is not receiving power. Make sure the controller is properly connected. If there is currently no visible damage to the cable and the controller is indeed recognized by the computer, most likely only the LED itself is damaged.

    If the controller is operating and the LED still does not go out when the mode button is stationary, the LED should be replaced. This is needed to disassemble the controller, remove the LED, and solder the new 2mm LED into place on the inside.

    It seems to me that I have EXACTLY the same problem, and I thank everyone for what they are not the only ones as I definitely did NOT find support and I was tired of ANY possible solution, including using multiple versions of the x360ce emulator and reinstalling, copy a certain game to another hard drive, schedule multiple gamepads with / without Motioninjoy, disconnect the keyboard from the computer, disconnect origin in the game, check with the device manager if the controller is recognized correctly, whatever – I followed it.

    The game knows that the controller is definitely connected, but this element recognizes buttons in deceptive places and only in some. For example, right clicking on Tumstick means “Start”, Bumber Right = “A”, Stop Bumber = “Y”, Bumber Right equals “B” and I can only assume that I know from the sound, but without the scene as left trigger = “X”. None of the other keys provide a completely new answer, and all possible combinations / configurations using x360ce files, including “xinput1_3.dll” only from “xinout_9_0_1.dll” will not log the problem or this course of action. Basically I’m trying to get this to work with Logitech Afterglow PL-6302 but also tried anotherLogitech (friends – I can’t remember the model) and Dualshock ps3. Afterglow has proven successful in other games including Middle Earth: SOM and Star Force Wars Unleashed in second place, so I know the x360ce, but the controller is not a specific issue.

    I have Windows 7 x64, NVIDIA GTX 750, Intel i7-4820K 3.7 GHz, 16 GB RAM. The only conclusion I can make is that this game will update with controller settings. PLEASE you can get a trustworthy working mission in the next one because the keyboard and even mouse patch just won’t work the way this game is set up. Thanks !



    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Connect a Logitech USB controller to an available USB port. Connect your Logitech controller to an available USB port on your computer. Windows will automatically install the Logitech controller and cannot be restored. This process can take several minutes.