Sometimes your system may display an error code that lp file server-error-not-accepting-jobs cannot print. There can be several reasons for this error to appear.


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    The lp command causes the files specified by the And files option, traditionally associated with them, to print additional information (called a query) with them to the link printer. If you don’t really provide a value for the Files get parameter, the require lp function accepts standard input. A throttle command that sends requests in the specified order.

    every time I browse CUPS at localhost://~~~631/Printers; I am the Printer, I see which; main, but when I want to change the printer in a different way, it asks me for a username/password.

    Even when I SUDO/ uploadroot visitor, still I get this error.
    Linux Mint has admin username and password for CUPS and OpenERP; or admin 123/ for alternative stuff, he also has all the good Xampp passwords. However, I’ve tried ALL Live CD passwords and NONE of them worked.

    I tried to print the GUI; and was able to print it, so you print it via the “PostScript driver”, but it took ages and the information is only half of the posted test page. None of the other drivers work. Keep the CUPS server error.

    *** Funny thing; I made a complete KUBUNTU; he saw the printer and installed it CLICK!!!
    Puppy with One Linux installed it with a little Jet Direct command line… socket://192.168.printeraddress .prt .9100; .

    I .visited .Brother’s .website; .Local .download of .LPR .driver and .cupswrapper .driver; .Your .family .does not .need a .command line, .just .multiply the .downloaded ..deb .file by two clicks, and installing the package manager will actually do it; it then recognized and installed that printer. dnssd://Brother%20MFC-L2740DW%20series._ipp._tcp.local/?uuid=e3248000-80ce-11db-8000-30055c9af64a on localhost.He also reportedHe told me that I will have to change the printheads soon.

    However; it doesn’t always print the Mint test page!
    linux… NOTHING WORKS no matter what I try.

    This error is related to CUPS settings, administration, and the location of the printer to accept jobs. (although it is now configured to allow anyone to edit jobs) view the system settings in –> Govern Management –> Printer Settings…But to whom everything is all the same, everything simply will not print. In addition, through the browser, I get DISCONNECTED every time, because I need a password!!

    To Test The Functions Of The Main Print Services

    Check basic network connectivityCheck the available disk space on the print host.Make sure you can establish any network underlying connection.Reinstall the tattoo driver.Print from selected computers.

    This lp:process uses the luna printer in the example to testCreation of basic LP service functions.

      many type=”1″>

    1. On print servers and print targets, ensure that the LP production service is


      1. Approved

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        Check if the scheduler is LP.

        lpstat nowrap>

        # -rScheduler running
      2. if the scheduler is not running, set superuser lp,and or start the scheduler.

        Ifand name=”tsprint-ix5525″>you took the time to run the see scheduler. disable “Like LP Print Service”.Name=”tsprint-step-26″>

    2. Make sure that the printer on the print server and on the print client is frequentlyrequests are accepted.

      1. Make sure most queries use printers.

        lpstat nowrap>

        # accept -aSurveys of Mars should basically be scheduled for July 12, 14:23 1999 notLuna has confirmed no requests since July 12 14:23 1999.reason

        Thisunknown command checks if the LP system accepts requests for each printer individually.configured for the system.

      2. lp unable to print file server-error-not-accepting-jobs

        If not everyone is accepting printer requests, you are superuser or lp, and allows you to force the printer to accept print jobs. Name=”tsprint-ix5526″>

        The specified printer is accepting requests.

    3. Make sure the printer is not being questioned on our print server and print client.sent print requests. type=”a”>

      1. Check if the printer is turned on. Nowrap>


        lpstat MoonPrinter -p luna has not been able to do this since July 12, 2:25 pm, 1999.available.reasonRecovery unknown

        Displays printer discovery information here. Can you printerGet omit Market Names for information about all printer series for the system. SubsequentThe example shows disabled printers.

      2. If the printer is authorized otherwise, you become superuser or not lp, not to mention activationPrint matrix.

        enable div>

        #MoonPrinter Voucher "Luna" included.

    lp unable to print file server-error-not-accepting-jobs

    The specified printer is enabled if you need to process print requests.

  • Make sure the printer is connected to the correct type of serial port on our print server.interface.


    1. Check if the printer is connected to the correct serial port.

      # lpstat -tthe scheduler is runningGoal System: Passing the Luna StandardDevice to Moon: /dev/term/a
  • Index Device for Printer namefrom Shows the port address. Is the cable connected to the plug-ins to which the service LP sampler is connected?says related? If the port should be correct, skip to step 5.

    Privileged or User

  • will be lp.

  • Edit the entire properties file of the auxiliary file representing the port.

    # chown lp device filename
  • this command assigns most of the special user lp as an agentdevice file. Require This device-filename is specifiedName the reporting device.


  • Change printer port via device file.

    Description. The lpstat command displays information about the current state, which is most often associated with a line printer. If the red flag is specified, lpstat does not print the status of all requests made by the main lp command. The flags may appear in any order and be repeated.

    # chmod 600 device name
  • This file command allows only the superuser or lp to access the printer.Transfer device file.Name=”tsprint-step-37″>

  • As a print and print server end user, ensure that printers are frequently configured.correct.

    1. Check if all printers are set up correctly.

      # Luna lpstat -p -lPrinter Luna is bored. since activation on July 12, 2007 at 2:24 pm. accessible        Content Types: Postscript        Printer: PS types

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