You should read these troubleshooting tips if you are getting Mac Disk Utility error that cannot be related to storage error message.



There is probably a very large checksum mismatch on the disk image, and even you have encountered an error on the service disk.

You can try copying this image yourself using the asr command line utility. To make it accurate, you need:

  • InstallESD.dmg image
  • A fairly large HFS + partition on an external drive with the Disk Utility created, we call everything Install
  • Running terminal

Enter the following line into your Terminal, but replace the specific path to your OS X Specialist image and target section:

mac disk utility error cannot allocate memory

asr restore --source Desktop / InstallESD.dmg --target / Volumes / Install

mac disk utility error cannot allocate memory

  Confirm target ... doneCheck source ... doneGet Scan Information ... DoneConfirm dimensions ... doneCopy .... 10 .... 20 .... 30 .... 40..50 .... 60 .... 70 .... 80 .... 90 .... asr: did not copy blessed information from a vehicle to a target that might have missing or outdated blessed catalog information.100Extract original image ... done 

Now your instructors could alsou can access the installer from your USB drive. To see how long it has been running, go to System Preferences »Boot Disk and check if you can see your installer:

Mac mini, MacOS X (10.6.6), Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz, 120 HD, 2 GB RAM

Added on 2/24/2011 9:18 PM

So, I made a backup pointing to Snow Leopard OS X DMG and downloaded it to my device. My sister borrowed a CD, the first thing you know, she can’t find it. Mac has been running a little slow lately, so I want to start over by reinstalling the OS.

When I go to Disk Utility and try to restore a DVD image to an external hard drive (GUID format; Mac OS Extended), I always get the error: “Unable to recover – unable to extract memory.”

To be clear, it was not only a difficult trip, I even tried to restore the imageCD to your old iPod video. I still have the same error.