Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered a known error code preventing Malwarebytes from installing. There are many factors causing this problem. We’ll cover them below.

g.Reboot the system immediately when the installer asks for a reboot. The installer should start automatically. You may not be trying to start Malwarebytes manually. To install it in another city, you need to uninstall Malwarebytes first.




Your othersYou indicate that you have installed 360 Total Security. This app prevents Malwarebytes from being installed. Please remove it temporarily and then configure. You will then be able to reinstall Malwarebytes and set terms and conditions between the two products that almost everyone buys. folder (possibly in C: Program Files and / or C: Program Files (x86)) Malwarebytes by following the instructions under Allow this specific file or folder in this support article and compare for the main data folder which is most likely located in the C: ProgramData folder.

If problems still occur, it may be related to AVG. In fact, you should only use one or the new one, not both, so I would probably recommend removing 360 Total Security or AVG AV from the device permanently, otherwise you might run into problems.

Let us know how it happened and if the problem persists.

I use Malwarebytes as a secondary scan of computers when I find viruses or just malware. Usually loads, executes, deletes and then unloads. Help find standards that others do not have.

Installation failed.Reboot your preferred system and try running the installer again. For troubleshooting assistance, see the product information at https://www.malwarebytes.com/help-installing.

I initiated a similar reboot and booted in protected form. Oddly enough, I used this other computer a few weeks ago.

It is possible that what usually caused you to run the installation was active in Malwarebytes in the first place and corrupted or disabled the utility. What if buyers followed the repair instructions and the key link you provided? Now I could also repair in Safe Mode.

You can quickly familiarize yourself with the law on discrediting returns. After several long periods of time and troubleshooting, it may be more economical to simply rebuild the machine and make a decision.


Windows 10 cannot install the latest Malwarebytes security software due to an error occured. After doing a little researchHopefully, I found that the Malwarebytes installation issue was showing errors “detected” when a previous version of one of our programs was installed and also uninstalled incorrectly.

This guide provides instructions on how to resolve the “An error occurred” error message when trying to create Malwarebytes.

Resolve Problem: An Error Occurred While Installing Malwarebytes.

You must remove 360 ​​Total Security; It is not enough to weaken it (we notice this in several users with the same problem). Please try uninstalling 360 Total Security, then reboot, install Malwarebytes and tell us how it works.

Step 1. Delete the Malwarebytes folder.

1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the C: Program Files folder.
2. Delete the Malwarebytes folder.

3. Try installing Malwarebytes. The installation should usually complete without problems. If someone gets the error message “An error occurred” again, go to step 2.

Step 2. Remove previous versions of Malwarebytes using the Malwarebytes Support Tool.

1. Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool.
2. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

4. Click Yes to remove all Malwarebytes options, then click OK to start my computer from your computer.

malwarebytes fails to install

That’s all! Let me know if this guide helped anyone else.add your comment about your more or less experience. Please share my guide to helping others.

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malwarebytes fails to install



Delete the Malwarebytes folder. Open file explorer and navigate to C: Program Files folder. Delete the Malwarebytes folder.Remove early versions of Malwarebytes using the Malwarebytes Support Tool. Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool.

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