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    This guide will help you troubleshoot the msd ignition.

    • Checking MSD ignition on Spark
    • Engine continues to run
    • Import vehicles Rel=”tab vehicles
    • Magnetic pickup in main distributor
    • Change AMC Power Oil
    • No 12v on coil+
    • Resistance values ​​for non-magnetic sensors
    • Candle Rel wire=”tab-widget-timing-fluctuations”
    • Time fluctuations
    • < li rel="tab-widget-tachometer-operation " tabcount =" 9" >Operation of the speedometer

    Checking MSD Ignition on Spark

    Moveok running

    Import vehicles

    Magnetic Pickup in Distribution

    Changing AMC for oiling performance improvement

    No 12v+ voltage on coil

    Resistance values ​​for non-magnetic sensors

    Spark plug wires

    Timing fluctuations

    tachometer operation

    Check MSD Ignition For Spark

    The Next Test Will Determine If You Are Producing A Good Msd Spark, And If So, When.

    White Cable Trigger:

    Now connect the two multimeter leads from the assembly so that the purple and orange leads from the MSD connection. The meter should read between 500 and 700 ohms. If the readings are indeed out of range, the cartridge may be defective. A new pickup is available from ist as a great replacement (and it’s a handy replacement.

    If you are using my wire (white dots or amplifier) ​​electronic to start all ignitions, follow these steps.

    1. Make sure the specific ignition switch is in the off position.
    2. Remove the coil wire from the cap dispenser and position the untreated part about 1/2 inch away from a good ground.
    3. Remove White MSD wire from distribution points on booster.
    4. Turn on the ignition. DO NOT START THE ENGINE.
    5. Press the workpiece directly to the ground several times. Each time the string is removed from the base, a spark should jump from the corresponding coil wire to ground. When it comes to curiosity, earning the right money means money.

    If There Is No Spark:

    1. Inspect all wiring.
    2. Replace them with other coils and repeat the test. If there is a spark, then only the coil is to blame. There
    3. If sparks still occur, check that the small red MSD connector on the MSD connector is energized when the base switch is in the “on” position. If there is no 12 V, find another 12 V source and repeat the test.
    4. After checking all the tactics and testing the electrical system, there is still no spark, the specific ignition is to blame. See the Warranty and Service page for more information.

    Magnetic Recording You Are Activating:

    If you normally use a 2-pin magnetic For msd sensor to enable If I turn on the ignition, follow the same steps.

    1. Make sure the ignition key is off.
    2. Remove the coil wire from the cap dispenser nailer and position the terminal so that it is about 1/2 inch from a good ground.
    3. Disconnect the magnetic MSD sensor connector from behind the manifold.
    4. Turn on the ignition. DO NOT START THE ENGINE.
    5. Using a small jumper, cut the green and then purple magnetic decryption wires together, cut the jumper. A spark will jump whenever the short circuit must be repaired. If there is a spark, the ignition is working properly. No

    If There Is All Sparkle:

    1. inspect wiring.coil
    2. Replace with others and recheck. If the spark could be described now, the coil inside is to blame. ignition There
    3. If still missing, check for 12 volts on the small red wire from the MSD with the key turned on. 12V If not available, find another 12V source and test again.
    4. After the procedures for studying the experiment and all typical checksok wiring problems still no. The Kindle ignition is faulty. Visit our service and warranty page.
    5. for more information

    No 12V On +

    1. A common question from coil builders regarding ignition control is “Why is there no 12V on the orange wire (COIL+)?”
      The main reason for the lack of 12 volt power to the + coil is definitely that the ignition is msd proper capacitive discharge ignition. As with CD ignitions, they use a capacitor to discharge a significant 420-480 volts to the + coils and to the coil, which are of course connected to ground. (That’s why you won’t see On +12v + nailers)
    2. Most factory ignitions are inductive, they usually have a 12 volt ignition switch + on the coil + and a coil nailer – connected to the factory points or the corresponding electronic module. Watch (hence +12V per coil+) Run

    Engine On

    If your engine continues to run even when you turn off theWith the ignition off, you will experience a constant engine lag. This usually only happens in older cars, always with a voltage measurement. Given that the MSD is powered directly from the battery, it does not require a lot of current to keep the device powered. If you’re definitely behind, a little voltage on the lamp load indicator helps power the little red wire when no key is pressed.

    msd ignition troubleshooting hei

    Ford and GM used to: often solve starting problems, one of them is a diode placed national in the package with the MSD. Installing this diode in series with the cable that connects it to the load indicator prevents the MSD from being stressed. The diagram below shows the correct lift for early Ford vehicles.And GM cars.

    Import Vehicles

    If your imported fuel-injected vehicle is sufficient to start, or if the tachometer is unstable, you will need the MSD Tach 8910 PN adapter. If you’ve installed a specific PN 8910 and your firm has sparks but the car still won’t start, you really need a Special adapter for tachometer. Contact MSD Technical Support for the correct adapter.


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