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    Today’s blog post was created to help you if you get a generic mt4 connection failure error code.



    What Is A Common Error When Migrating Errors Mt4?

    Sometimes it can be seen on the MT4 model. As you can see, the most common error is the mt4 error. We can often look at “Common (Error Error” number 2) on the Metatrader platform.
    A common MT4 error in the bottom left corner of the Metatrader type is a platform error indicating a coupon error indicating a problematic connection (slow internet connection or connection only)between the Metatrader platform and the account server.

    How To Fix Common MT4 Error On Desktop MT4 And More Common IOS Error:

    1) Check the worldwide internet connection. With Wi-Fi or wired Internet, as well as with antivirus software, something can go wrong for a while. Any internet security program that interferes with the internet connection of Metatrader and its online server. “Common Mistake” plus “Disabled in Quotes” in MT4 are a number of common mistakes.
    2) Enter your username and change the server IP when your company connects to Metatrader. If I said that the internet connection is good, then all the problems are related to the connection settings. If the username and password are correct, the problem is almost always related to the system’s IP address.
    Inter To select servers “Real 1” or “Demo”, you must enter the address Real full IP-address (for example, the IP-address of hotforex).

    Watch our YouTube video for common mt4 errors and all instructions:

    Step 1. Open your terminal 4 mt4.
    Step 2: For the platform, click the archive in the upper left corner.
    Step 3: Choose your login.
    Step Enter 4: Tone. connection identifier.
    Step 5: Enter the IP address (ask your real estate agent for an IP if you barely know it) in the Server field.
    Step 9: Click “Login”.

    mt4 connect failed common error

    If you do not have an IP address, ask your broker to provide it to you. Just ask the company, for example: “What is the IP of the Live 4 server?” Then they will almost certainly help you.
    We can often see it admirably when there is a problem connecting to a Metatrader account.

    Common Mt4 Error We can see on the desktop PC and the usual iphone mt4 application error on mobile phones. The solution is the same. The user must confirm the internet connection, username, password or IP address, and then proceed without error.

    mt4 connect failed common error

    How to fix common MT4 message error if server credentials and IP address are correct?

    In the new case, the login information is correct. Common errors can be corrected as follows:

    1. Close all charts in MetaTrader and close the platform.
    2. Restart your computer, then check if you have a good internet connection (for example, Ookla speed test and connection quality website using test suite).
    3. If the antivirus blocks the MetaTrader software, disable the antivirus after a few minutes to check the MetaTrader operating system.
    4. Create a Metatrader platform and try to login.
    5. If that doesn’t work again, try creating a progressive demo account and log in. If successful, the problem should be with the connection setup.
    6. Contact your broker for help and ask for the server’s IP address. Sometimes different server IP addresses solve the problem.

    MT4 Performance Parameters
    Sometimes traders may receive the message “General error, please check performance parameters and try again later” due to slow Internet communication in MetaTrader. To fix this problem, you need to reconnect or change the IP address. It would be helpful if you would like to know what your broker provides buyers withnew IP address for registration. Usually the problem is a slow internet connection. Ezah = “250”

    Metatrader 4 Troubleshooting – MT4 Errors List

    Metatrader 4 Never Responds
    Apart from the “general problem”, there are many MT4 errors. See the List of the most common errors on the Metatrader platform:

    Error Error ID Description
    ERR_NO_ERROR 0 No error returned.
    ERR_NO_RESULT 1 No error returned, every result is unknown.
    ERR_COMMON_ERROR 2 Common error.
    ERR_INVALID_TRADE_PARAMETERS 3 Invalid buy and sell parameters.
    ERR_SERVER_BUSY 4 The commercial server is busy.
    ERR_OLD_VERSION 5 Old version associated with the terminal client.
    ERR_NO_CONNECTION 6 There is no connection to the company server.
    ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_RIGHTS 7 Insufficient rights.
    ERR_TOO_FREQUENT_REQUESTS 8 Requests too frequent.
    ERR_MALFUNCTIONAL_TRADE 9 Invalid operation.
    ERR_ACCOUNT_DISABLED 64 The account has been disabled.
    ERR_INVALID_ACCOUNT 65 Invalid account.
    ERR_TRADE_TIMEOUT 128 Trade timeout.
    ERR_INVALID_PRICE 129 Invalid price.
    ERR_INVALID_STOPS 130 Invalid stops.
    ERR_INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME 131 Invalid investment volume.
    ERR_MARKET_CLOSED 132 Market is closed.
    ERR_TRADE_DISABLED 133 Trading is considered disabled.
    ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY 134 Not enough money.
    ERR_PRICE_CHANGED 135 The price has been changed.
    ERR_OFF_QUOTES 136 Open offers.
    ERR_BROKER_BUSY 137 The broker is busy.
    ERR_REQUOTE 138 Requote.
    ERR_ORDER_LOCKED 139 The order is locked.
    ERR_LONG_POSIT IONS_ONLY_ALLOWED 140 Only long positions are allowed.
    ERR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS 141 Too many requests.
    ERR_TRADE_MODIFY_DENIED 145 The modification was rejected because the order is considered too close to the market order.
    ERR_TRADE_CONTEXT_BUSY 146 Usually loadedbusiness context.
    ERR_TRADE_EXPIRATION_DENIED 147 Processes were rejected by the broker. The amount
    err_trade_too_many_orders 148 for open and pending orders has reached the limit set by your broker.


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    Take a look at this in the lower right corner of the platform. If you see the message mainly because of “invalid account” or “no sign in”, please check your credentials and try to sign in again. Remember to back up your MT4 data, not your sensitive IG data – you have just about any five or six digit account number that MT4 uses.

    The most common cause of this type of error is incorrect input when trying to actually log in on Android devices. Make sure that: The account number you entered must be correct. Usually, the entered business password is correct.