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    Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating that a new motherboard CPU fan error has occurred. There can be many reasons for this error to appear.

    Reinstall The CPU Fan

    If your precious CPU fan is not correctly installed in the correct position on the motherboard, you will see a POST FAN error on your screen. Make sure the CPU fan screws and pins are aligned with the motherboard.

    new motherboard cpu fan error

    What Does A CPU Fan Error Mean?

    A warning message usually appears after the computer has been shut down immediately due to overheating. This occurs when the fan (or fan) is unable to properly cool the internal components, especially the CPU.

    What Is A Fan “CPU Error”?

    CPU failure Fan error is a great error that usually occurs when your business starts up your computer. Essentially the concept is that the basic input/usage system (bios) has detected that all of the CPU fans are not working properly. This error can occur due to a number of the most likely causes, including incorrect configuration of some fan information in the BIOS interface, those processor fans running too slow, you are paying for lowQuality or dustiness, a particular processor fan is not connected correctly, Also, the CPU fans are faulty and may overheat.

    new motherboard cpu fan error

    What Is A CPU Fan Error?

    A CPU fan error is a special warning from the BIOS about that one or more fans may be defective. not right. Fan problems often occur after your computer suddenly shuts down due to overheating.

    CPU Fan Error Mechanism?

    Before identifying the root cause of a CPU fan error, knowing how to get what is done is considered decisive. For example, a CPU fan is usually designed to remove external heat from the CPU by conduction.


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    How To Fix CPU Fan Error At Boot/Startup

    Those using Corsair, NZXT Kraken AIO CPU Cold may mistakenly connect the wrong Fan_Header to the motherboard. Therefore, the motherboard detects this error. Another logical reason for running shoe CPU fan failure is incorrect BIOS settings.

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