If you have a problem with your Nikon e3700 lens on your computer, this user manual will help you fix it.

Complications from lenses are quite common. Usually sand or gravel interferes with one of our lens extension mechanisms. Or the digital camera has been dropped entirely. Or the camera worked, but the lens was blocked and did not come out.

nikon e3700 lens error

Your Nikon Coolpix compact surveillance camera is generally stable, reliable and delivers impressive images. Sometimes these Nikon Coolpix or other Nikon digital camcorder models may display an error dot indicating that something was not detected correctly. Here is an overview of common Nikon Coolpix errors and messageson how to fix them if necessary.

Unable To Save Movie Error Message

This message indicates an understanding of the camera lens mechanism that requires the camera to be sent to a Nikon service center for repair. Before submitting the condition, we recommend that you first try the following: Turn off the camera and then contact again.

The “Unable to save video” error message usually means that your own Nikon camera cannot transfer documents to the memory card fast enough to capture them. Therefore, a timeout error occurs. In most cases, this is a memory card complication. The card may be damaged due to incompatibility of your camera. To fix the problem, use a memory bank card with a faster write speed.

File Does Not Contain Image Data Error Message

There are several main reasons why you see this error:

Incompatible Memory Card

If you are using an incompatible memory card, the camera may have problems writing to the card, resulting in damage to the image files. Check your user manual to find out which memory cards are compatible with your camera. In some cases, you may lose images due to incompatibility.

Change P Computers

If clients receive an error. The file does not contain image data for viewing files on their desktop, the problem may be that you rotated or edited the images on your computer and then tried to view them on your camera. In such cases, you probably haven’t lost some great footage; You cannot see them on the camera.

Share Accurate Memory Card

nikon e3700 lens error

Some Nikon patients report a “File does not contain image” error when they use this memory card in another device and then insert it into their electronic camera. In these cases, it seems that combining multiple images solves the whole problem.


You may need a damaged memory card or even a damaged photo file. If buyers do not have a backup, they can keep the damaged photo or, in the event of a damaged RAM card, save all photos on one card.

Error Message “Image Could Not Be Saved

Memory Card Problems

The storage license is again a suspicious private message. In cases where you encounter the Image cannot be saved error, I would argue that the memory card may not function properly or was formatted with a camera that is not compatible with your Nikon model. In this case, reformat the specific memory card, which will erase all data, or use a new suitable memory card.

File Numbering System

The “Image could not be saved correctly” message may also indicate a problem with the digital camera’s file numbering system. Refer to the digital camera settings menu to reset or disable the sequential file numbering system for digital photos.

You Went Out, Created By Space

You may receive an “Image could not be saved” error message if the memory card runs out of space quickly and there is simply not enough space to save the icon. Delete unnecessary images and then bring the image to life.

Lens Error Message

Telephone communityLens failure is common with Nikon digital cameras. This means that the lens holder cannot be properly closed or opened.


If you receive a lens error message, there might be something preventing the lens from opening or closing. Make sure there is no debris or dirt on the lens barrel that could cause problems. A common cause of lens housings sticking is sand. Ideally, there should be no obvious obstacles in the way.


Another cause of lens error project is a dead and empty battery, or possibly a camera battery . Make sure you have a reliable and fully charged battery, then see if that solves the problem.

No Memory Card Error Message

There are several reasons why your camera is unable to recognize the RAM card and displays the “Memory is never a card” error.

Card Compatibility

Use a memory card compatible with your Nikon camera. Incompatible memory cards can cause a variety of problems.

Bycustom Map

The secure digital card can be completed. So, download the photos to your computer to free up space.


The memory may not work correctly, or it may have been formatted by another camera. If so, reformat the storage device with the camera. Formatting the memory on another card will erase all data on it.

System Error Message

While the “system error” message can be alarming, the problem is simple. A system error is a basic error message that can be caused by a variety of reasons. Here are simple troubleshooting steps:


The battery could be the source of the problem. Remove the device and memory card from the CCTV camera for at least 15 minutes so that the camera can reboot occasionally. Let’s see if that should fix the problem.

Firmware Updates

Resetting camera functions does not mean that you have to make sure you have the latest firmware and drivers for your version of the camera. Go to Nikon Download Center and entermodel of your camera. Then download and install any client updates that you find.

Defective Memory Card

Another error could be caused by a faulty or improperly inserted memory card. Replace the card or if an error appears, it will disappear.

There Is No Error Message, But The Camera Is Not Working

Sometimes SLR will not display an error message if it is not working as expected. In this case, restart the camera by purchasing a memory battery and memory card for at least 10 minutes. Put these cool items back in place and see if the camera is used again.

Check the battery.Check camera memory.Check the monitor button.Increase brightness.Make sure the camera is in the new correct capture mode.Check the AF-assist lamp.

Many of these errors can be found on various Nikon cameras.

If none of these problems occur, contact your Nikon Authorized Service Provider to have your camera checked. When choosing a photo center, always take a treat with you.

Errors may vary by Nikon camera model. If you receive an error message that is not listed here, please refer to the manual for each camera for specific issues with your model.