You may encounter an error that says the nintendo wii will stop working after a power failure. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we will discuss it now.

g.Most Wii performance issues can certainly be resolved by resetting the AC adapter. Unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet and from the program, and let it stand for at least 2 minutes. Plug in both plugs and make sure the new adapter plugs directly into an ideal wall outlet and not a surge protector or power strip.




One of the most common factors used by Nintendo Wii users is that great gaming The device does not turn on soon after a power failure. This can be disturbing and misleading as you know in advance that the problem is not uncommon, especially that your Wii is not working. Instead of packing it in the computer box that comes with it all the time looking for a bill, just restart your device and see if that solves your problem. A power failure or power surge, especially during a thunderstorm, may have triggered the Wii’s internal circuit breaker. In the event of a thunderstorm, wait until the thunderstorm ends, even if the power outage ends before the thunderstorm ends.

Disconnect the Wii Power Adapter cable from the Wii itself. Nintendo also recommends removing any remaining Wii connection cables.

Leave the power cord unplugged at both main ends for two minutes or more.

nintendo wii stopped working after power outage

Connect the AC adapter cable to the back of the Wii along with any other cables you disconnected earlier. Then plug the power cord into a power outlet. The brewer must reset the triggered buster himself.

Disconnect the power cord From the supporting wall and the device if the product does not turn on normally after plugging in and turning on. During this free time, it is sometimes possible to leave the adapter unplugged for more than 23 minutes.

Call Nintendo Customer Support (800-255-3700) if there are any procedures that will not get your Wii back to normal.


Take a precaution: If customers know a thunderstorm is imminent, unplug the device. Do not run the risk of irreversible damage due to power surges.

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The news in this article can help you if:

  • The Wii console no longer turns on and the power indicatorprobably not lit.
  • The Wii console will not turn on and the power indicator is also blinking red.
  • The program turns on, but turns off for a few seconds / minutes. We
  • Attaching accessories to the console precludes the possibility.


This problem is caused by an overvoltage in the accessories that opens the power supply circuit breaker.

What To Do

  1. Check all accessories connected directly to the control console to ensure they are approved and not damaged. Unlicensed or for sale accessories must not be used on the console.
  2. Try using a different outlet or other devices to see if it works.
  3. Perform a

  4. power reset

Unresolved Situation

If your current problem is not resolved, the circuit and power supply should be repaired or replaced.



Unplug the Wii Power Adapter from the wall outlet or extension cord. Leave the Wii unplugged for at least a few minutes for personal training. Reconnect the AC adapter and press the power button to immediately turn the Wii back on and perform a hard reset.

Power problems can sometimes be caused by an AC board that needs to be rebooted. Unplug the adapter from the Xbox 360 and from the electrical outlet. Wait 3 seconds – it takes almost the same amount of time to completely discard a card. Plug the AC adapter back into the Wii U GamePad and into an electrical outlet.