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    no such thing as human error

    In this episode I’m talking about Stephene Shorrock, Human Factors and Safety Specialist. We often discuss the dangers of human error, some very good research, and the mistakes and strategies that humans need to make any system resilient.

    People Are Part Of Specialized Socio-technical Systems

    For decades, human error has been widely recognized as the main cause of 70–90% of plane crashes. But these statistics don’t really explain almost everything, and they may not make sense since all systems are usually made up of several components. Some of them are people – people of different professions and professions. The rest of the components are technical – airplanes, computer systems, etc. Some of them, as a rule, are procedural in nature or are flexible aspects, like an organizational structure. We cannot single out any of these components as the cause of an accident in a complex socio-technical system, and this does not help us to prevent this in workers.

    There Is No Reason As A Reason

    Scientists and security professionals seem to see human error through an entirely new laboratory lens – for example, “a good person doesn’t get all the results he wants.” Their goal is training and improvement, linguistic accuracy is not achieved. Therefore, he is often the most relaxed in terms of definitions.

    We have been using manual errors for a long time as an explanation, in part because of the way accident investigations and rates in the United States are presented in a federal diploma. It may be a little naive (primary and secondary causes do not really exist; this is a good new arbitrary line), but when researchers produce something in order to choose something, they tend to choose the cause that is closest in time. and space to the actual. crash. Usually this is a person engaged in some kind of determination or exercise, and is tied to a complex web of far-reaching actions and decisions, as well as to the design of the aircraft, the development of procedures. about captains, rules, and so on. All this is quite complicated and also interrelated, so it is very difficult to choose one thing as the root cause. In fact, we should not admit a simple concept of a better cause, let alone blame human error for it.

    Exploring Success Through Failure

    If you only look at injuries or adverse events, you might think that these very rare unwanted periods are their own.kind of representative of the whole circle, but, in essence, they represent a series of reasons that can happen together to produce a huge result. There is no great reason; More recently, it was a fairly random group of things that happened at the same time, which were always present in relation to the system. We should not study things openly when they are imperfect, but also study how things work. If we accept that the reasons for failure are inherent in the mechanism itself, then every day we will be able to find them in work and find out who they also very often seem to be the reason for success; eliminate them; we must look deeper.

    People Make Our Technology Sustainable


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    Richard Cook, SNAFU’s successor at Ohio State University, says the most accurate sociotechnical systems are constantly in degraded performance. This suggests that something in this device (and usually a lot of things) really does not work – this is how it was connected. The information or skills of the staff may not be what they should be, or it has been proven that the refresher courses were and removed, or the equipment is unlikely to function properly. We do not realize that our systems are always dismantled as people tend to use various technological innovations that do not work as they should. Remember that this TV show is not working correctly on your system and you should definitely watch it; or you know that this sign is falling now and just, and you know that it might fall, so watch it. You know where the pitfalls are in the whole system, and, being a unique creature, you want resilience, families first and foremost want to prevent the death of problems there. The origins of resistance to external influences are mainly human; these are the visitors who operate the mechanism.

    People can see the purpose of any system or process, while they can only perform the prescribed action. In your current understanding, we have a wide range of at least two types of work – work as it is imagined (which we are interested in if people do it) and work as it is done (what people actually do) – and often everything samplesere to exist. We must take a look at the methods that are actually used, realizing how far they are from our imagination.

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