If you have openvpn service error 1068 on your system, this guide might help you.


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    g.The OpenVPN Interactive Service, also known as “iservice”, possibly “OpenVPNServiceInteractive”, is a Windows systems specialist that allows the unprivileged openvpn.exe process to help you with some privileged operations such as adding routes. This ensures that OpenVPN and the GUI can be run with limited privileges.




    OpenVPN error in solution 1068: Couldn’t start service or dependency group?

    This error is usually displayed when OpenVPN dependent features are not working.

    openvpn service error 1068

    At Bobcares, I get the most frequent OpenVPN bug fix requests across all of my server management services.

    Today we can confidently say how our support engineers can fix this error.

    Why Is OpenVPN Running With Error 1068?

    Press Windows Key + I on the entire keyboard to open the software package, Settings -> Select Update & Security.Check on behalf of the update -> Z Download available updates and confirm the installation process.Restart your computer and try managing Windows Firewall.

    Basically, a VPN allows us to have a secure connection to the Internet. Corresponding OpenVPN is a popular open source VPN implementation application.

    OpenVPN works on a client-server model. The end user initiates a connection to the device. And that sets up an exclusive channel.

    But some clients often crash when trying to access the OpenVPN client. This error has always been 1068. The error message on the openvpn client looks like,

    How Our Organization Solves The Problem Does OpenVPN 1068?

    When customers contact us with a specific error, our support engineers first think about the cause of the error. First, let’s check the Windows event log. In most cases, intention leads to failure.

    1. Missing Or Damaged TAP Win32 Adapter

    Recently, one of our employees contacted us and reported OpenVPN error 1068. The cause of this error was a TAP-Win32 electronic device. OpenVPN requires this driver to work.

    2. OpenVPN Error 1068 When Dependency Service Failed On Startup

    The error message indicates that the dependency service was not guaranteed to start. So first, let’s check the device. For us, this is services.msc, which loads the list of programs.

    From there we select services. We are now checking the services in the Master Remote Access Connection Manager. The dependency list contains services.

    For events, some users prefer dependencies such as telephony, remote procedure calls, etc. We make sure these services work.


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    They are also looking for startup development servicesfrom. Even though this was automatic, we check to see if the service is actually running.

    3. Windows Event Log Status

    Even if Event Viewer is not running, errors may occur when starting OpenVPN. Therefore, we check the specific status of the Windows related event log.

    To do this, we go to Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> >> Windows Service Event Log.

    Here in the properties we check their start type. We always do this automatically.

    Sometimes, even if it’s digital, it might not start on startup. Even in such cases, we need to check the consistency of the event log. And change the permissions if necessary.

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    openvpn service error 1068

    In short, OpenVPN error 1068 occurs when services are down. Most errors are displayed in the TAP-Win32 adapter, in and with the event log. Today we saw how our support specialists have fixed some bugs and are in the process of fixing them.


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    Problem: I wanted to start OpenVPN as a new service in order to use Windows 2003 server as the best router for OpenVPN connectivity. The service did not start, although I configured it to inevitably start from the Services application in the Administrative Tools, throwing error 1068: The configurable service or group could not be started.

    Many people complain about this error, but I couldn’t find a better answer than reinstalling OpenVPN apps. I’m not a big fan of reinstallation, without going over the root of the problem too often – this element means you won’t get any good the next time you feel the problem.

    Research: As part of setting up OpenVPN, I configured a previous version of it a while ago and then reinstalled it later to get the latest version. Looking through the Plan event log, I found that Almost everyone with an error message (event for 7001) crashed when starting the OpenVPN service, and event ID 7000 said “TAP-Win32 V8 adapter – Bad service starting too.” because my virtual TAP adapter that came with the (latest) OpenVPN installation was marked V9 and not V8. It got to the point:

    Workaround: The OpenVPN service points to an older virtual TAP adapter entry than the one currently installed. I worked out the following meaning:

    Recording … from to “tap0801” “TAP0901” restarted and OpenVPN was already connected when I connected.



    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Step Step 1. Change the settings of the OpenVPN client.Step 2 – Save your PrivateVPN.com credentials to a file.Step Three – Import the modified .ovpn file along with the user.auth file into the OpenVPN configuration file.Step 4 – Configure the online OpenVPN system to start automatically on startup.

    Click the Windows Start icon, type services.msc and press Enter.Find each of the above companies and right click and / or select Properties. Find the startup type in the properties file and update it automatically.Click OK to go to the next service.