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    If you have a partition table repair tool on your PC, I hope this blog post can help you. The partition table helps its function to identify the existing hard drive and therefore allows users to carry out several signals such as:

    A partition table can be described as a table managed by an operating system hard disk that describes the primary partitions of that hard disk. Typically a large disk is partitioned in other formats as well, including GPT (GUID Partition Table), APM (Apple Partition Map), and BSD Disklabel.
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    Corrupted Partition Table

    Step a: Run EaseUS Partition Recovery on these computers.Step 2: wait for the scanning process to complete.Step four: preview and restore hangar partitions.Step 4: Click “Recover Now” and complete the partition recovery process.

    With the partition table, the desktop computer can recognize the car’s existing hard drive, and users can create, delete, and resize partitions on the hard drive. Typically, the table is created when the operating system is installed on Windows and Mac computers.

    partition table repair tool

    However, when the primary hard drive is damaged, you can no longer use or sometimes access the data stored on the partition. However, most regular users often don’t know how to tell if a table is corrupted or damaged Yes, through the disk. The process is also complex. So how do you know if the partition table is damaged or not?


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    Normally, when a partition’s scratch area is damaged or corrupted, the drive shows up as unallocated or uninitialized in Disk Management, as shown below:

    The solutions to the two hard drive problems are different, and you will probably follow the solutions on this page to repair or restore the dangerous partition table without data loss.

    Solution 1: Restore Partition – Restore Table Partition In Unallocated Space

    If the hard drive turns out to be unpartitioned, you can use professional partition recovery software to repair the malicious partition table. EaseUS Partition Recovery can help you efficiently recover missing partitions while preserving data. The corrupted partition table appears to be restored with partitions.

    NOTE. After the scan is complete, double-click the found partitions to view the data stored on the hard drive. You pay nothingUntil you are sure that our software actually finds your partition and exhausted data

    Restart your Dell computer.Press the current F8 key to open the advanced boot options menu after the BIOS screen disappears.Select Repair your computer.Then select “Command Prompt” in the “System Recovery Options” window.Enter the commands on this page to repair a sick Dell partition table:

    Select the drive or program where you saved the orphaned partitions, click “Analyze” with the mouse to continue.

    Let the program analyze the selected disk type and find moved partitions.

    Double-click on a partition that might be marked “Lost” with “good” recoverability.

    Preview the main content of an already orphaned section. Click and “OK”, click “Continue” to start recovering the lost partition.

    Step four. Click “Restore Now” to complete the partition recovery process.

    Download and install Disk Drill.Select the drive containing the GPT partition, change the dropdown to Search lost partitions only.If you find a forgotten section, select it.Check the data to be recovered frequently, select the required data and click “Recover”.Choose a location to recover your data.

    Note. If the tutorial warns you of a serious conflict, first back up the paid partition with important data on an external hard drive. Then perform this last operation to restore the collapsed section.

    Reboot your computer when the summary is complete and you will find that everything is as it was before. If someThe software is crashing, stay calm. You can use suggestion 2 and suggestion 3 of Solution 2 in the next part to get help.

    Solution 2: Partition Table Recovery/Repair – Disk Initialization, Data Recovery, And Partition Rebuilding

    If the new drive shows up as “Not Initialized” in Disk Management, the partition table is indeed corrupted. To recover an insecure partition table and restore all results from memory to disk, you need to go through the 3 keywords and phrases listed below:

    Set 1 – Initialize Disk In Disk Management

    Launch EaseUS Partition Recovery for your PC.Wait for the verification process to complete.PreliminaryQuick preview and recovery of lost partitions.Click “Recover Now” to complete the partition recovery course.Select and scan your lost or damaged partition.Check the results.

    Step 1: Right-click “This PC/My Computer”, select “Manage” and go to “Disk Management”.

    Step 2: Right-click on the drive that appears as “Not Initialized” and select “Initialize Drive”.

    Step 3. Select the desired partition structure for the selected disk – MBR or GPT, click “OK” to configure.

    Set 2 – Restore Data Fori Restore To Unallocated Space

    If your hard drive contains important data, do not create new partitions on a specific hard drive. Your current job is hard drive data recovery, as well as recovering all saved data from all unallocated hard drives.

    Universal Data Recovery Software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to help you manage files recovered from lost partitions on unpartitioned hard drives in Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and more. in just three steps:

    Run the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard, select “Lost Partition” and click “Scan” to find all lost data. Generally, when there are many lost partitions, you can name them by the size of the partition.

    partition table repair tool

    Use the Filter feature often or click Browse files or folders to find your lost files.

    Save the recovered data to another secure drive or a large external drive before restarting the drive3.

    Expression – Create And and Repartitioning On An Idle Drive

    Now we can move on to the last sentence: create partitions on the unallocated disk. This will restore the workspace section with the newly created tables.

    Step 1. Open Disk Management and find Unallocated Space on your awesome hard drive.

    Prices. TestDisk is free and open source software that is free to use and configure. The developer receives donations to help with repairs and support. Operating system. These programs support Windows, macOS, and many other Unix and Linux distributions.

    Step 3. Enter the New Simple Volume interface and click Next in the wizard to continue.

    Assign a drive letter or path, then mount the system file in NTFS format. Click “Done” to complete the process.

    Now repeat the process if you want to create multiple partitions on the disk. Restart your computer if necessary.

    After that, you can save the data to a disk partition and reuse the disk.

    Extra Tip: Back Up Your Hard Drive Regularly

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Summary: This blog discusses methods to fix a corrupted or damaged hard drive partition table in Windows 10. And in cases where you want to recover data caused by a damaged or corrupted hard drive partition, you can also resort to software partition recovery such as Stellar Data Recovery . Professional.