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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have informed us that the PDF conversion has failed. Please correct the error. Solution. This error occurs when the Adobe PDF printer is not installed or is not named correctly. The simple solution is to go through Peripherals and Printers (Control Panel) or just Printers and Scanners (Windows Search), also make sure they are in place first and then make sure they are named correctly …

    Make sure you are using a supported website.Clear your browser cache and consider the reverse conversion.Make sure your firewall / proxy settings do not restrict Internet downloads.Try a different web browser.Make sure the file size to be converted is less than 100 MB.

    Unfortunately, not all PDF files can be converted to flipbooks. The reasons may be different each time, but the problem is usually easier to solve than we think. So instead of looking for the root of the problem, I’ll focus on what almost every error means, and you will.

    We recently implemented a system that tells you which sites on the World-Wide-Web cannot be converted or hardly convertedAre correctly named. Our goal is either to fix the bugs for now, or to prevent them from specifically working on pages that could not be converted.

    1. â € œError: [PDF name]. The page [page number] could not be interpreted correctly …… “

    2. Make sure the email is not password protected Make sure that the document you usually want to convert is definitely not password protected. If the document is password protected, M-Files will not be able to open it, in which case you will not be able to convert this document to PDF or annotate it successfully.

      ” Error: [PDF name]. The following pages: number, [page number, page number] contain errors and cannot be converted correctly…. “

    3. ” Error: [PDF name]. Unable to convert PDF file because page [page number] contains errors. PDF Peak Width and / or Exceeded.

    The first 3 errors are related to one or more known issues, so you only really need to fix certain pages.

    What you do when you get these conversion errors depends on what PDF editing tools (software) you have.

    For The First Three Major Mistakes, We Recommend The Following:

    pdf conversion failed please correct the error

    The easiest way to positively rasterize elements is to rasterize the elements of the part of the page in question and re-exporip my pdf file. What does this actually mean? Well, elements are used in two ways: vector elements and bitmap elements.


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    Vector: your current, editable and scalable independent artwork. like layers of form, texts.

    Raster: pixel-based pictures. The resolution is based on this. Example: image.
    When converting levels (text filter, level, shapes) to p (image), bitmap graphics can no longer be edited. My advice is to just rasterize all the textbox elements so that the basic flipbook search option still works.

    Combining or combining components is sometimes another solution. By including two or more layers, you convert some elements to some kind of file, some to shapes, others to meshes.

    Finally, re-saving the PDF as Standards pdf / x may fix the problem. Below are other articles with helpful tips on how to rasterize and save a PDF report according to specific standards:

    • Problems converting PDF to flipbook.
    • Certified Web Colors PDF files. This will finally reduce errors.

    For The Fourth Error, We Recommend The Following:

    • Save PDF at 300 DPI lower
    • Save or for efficient web viewing (if using InDesign, see more information here

    pdf conversion failed please correct the error

    If you have any questions or need more information on this topic, do not hesitate to ask us. When your PDF is ready, visit Flipsnack!


    This article is intended to help you diagnose and fix common problems when uploading PDFs or other types of documents through the DocuSign web application. For a shorter article on quick troubleshooting, see Download documents, quick troubleshooting.

    The troubleshooting steps provided here are intended to help you resolve document upload issues through the DocuSign web application only. If you have problems loading documents throughFor the API, check out the resources in this Developer Documentation Center.

    Before proceeding, make sure the directory you are downloading is supported by DocuSign: see the file “Supported Formats”.

    Table With Content

    • Issue 1: The document could not be loaded or an error occurred
      • Reason A: Document is damaged
      • Solution A
      • Reason B: Document contains macros
      • Solution B
      • Reason C: Document can be password protected or protected
      • Solution C
    • Problem 2. Include timeout or list size error
      • Reason
      • Solution
    • Issue 3. Invalid thumbnails, pages not displaying, “Pages not displaying”
      • Reason A: Document shapes are too large
      • Solution A
      • Reason B: Images with multiple layers and / or B
    • Issue comments
    • Solution 4: Missing design PDF field data
      • Reason
      • Solution
    • Issue 5. PDF forms are loaded vertically (also known to be rotated 180 °)
      • Reason
      • Solution
    • Resources

    Problem 1: The Document Could Not Be Loaded Or An Error Occurred

    You are seeing a severe error message: “An error occurred while publishing [file name]. An error has occurred”.

    Reason A: The document must be damaged

    Your file may be corrupted, which means there are metadata issues throughout the file that occurred during a previous document creation, scan, or subsequent conversion process that resulted in a sick PDF (i.e. a PDF that does not match requirements, conforms) PDF to structural standards).

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Adobe Reader Cannot publish PDF, edit or modify PDF, or export PDF content to another file format. The user interface you described is clearly owned by Adobe Reader and you need to use an ExportPDF subscription to use it. If users have Adobe Acrobat, they must choose File> SaveLike Other> MS Word> When Converting To Word.

    An old, damaged, or outdated printer driver will make it difficult to print PDF files. Go to the download page for the specific driver and purchase the appropriate updated driver for your home printer. Download the new driver and install it on your computer. Restart your laptop or computer and try printing the PDF in Adobe to see if it works.