In recent days, some readers have encountered the Playstation 3 dlna error. This issue can occur for several reasons. Now let’s talk about some of them.


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    g.The error could be caused by an intermittent connection when transferring content from the WD network to your PS3. The DLNA error may be related to the media server. Your computer may be trying to share a media file with your default settings.




    Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA allows your PlayStation 3 to connect to a shared network. This allows us to play videos and music from other DLNA-enabled devices at the top of the network, such as your technical devices. If you’re having trouble logging into the PlayStation Network when DLNA is clearly enabled on your PlayStation 3, there are a few troubleshooting steps you need to try to help you resolve the error.

    Check the type of network cables to make sure the device you are using as a trusted DLNA media server has good contact with the router.

    Check the router point by setting the wireless router access in the software. Wireless, your signal is transmitted in addition to the 802.11g network over the 802.11b network.


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    Restart your DLNA Multimedia Remote Computing Device, disconnect your modem and router. Wait while reconnecting devices to organize them.

    playstation 3 dlna error

    Turn off DLNA on your PlayStation 3 if the first three steps did not solve your problem. Enter “Settings”, run Network via settings ”from the window menu. Press “X” to turn on the controller. Enter the option available for connecting to the media server and press X again. Highlight the Disconnect option, then press X to stop sharing DLNA images.

    Activate Enable DLNA Membership.
    Disable Disable connection to DLNA compatible devices.

    DLNA Author

    In the device selector under the [Share my media] checkbox, select the devices with which someone wants to share data, and then select [Allow]. 5. Select [OK]. DLNA Media Server setup is complete.

    DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is usually a standard that allows digital technologies such as PCs, video recorders and televisions to be connected to a network and implanted into other interlaced DLNA-compatible devices.

    DLNA-compliant devices are used for two different operations. “Servers” distribute media such as pictures, music, videos, or files, but “clients” also receive and play the movie. Some devices do both. If you plan to use the PS3 ™ system, you canView pictures or view music or video files that are still stored on a device with DLNA server multimedia functions over an absolute network.

    Connect Your PS3 ™ System And DLNA Media Server

    Connect the PS3 ™ system and DLNA media server using a wired or wireless connection.

    Example of connecting to a working PC using a cable

    An example of connecting to a personal laptop via a wireless connection

    Configuring DLNA As A Media Server

    Configure DLNA Media Server to use the PS3 ™ method. The following devices can be used as DLNA media server.

    • DLNA-compatible devices, including products from companies other than Sony.
    • Personal Computer Systems (PCs) with Windows Media Player 10 installed

    When using the AV device as the only media DLNA Server

    Turn on the DLNA media server function of the connected gadget to share its content. The setting method may differ.i depending on the connected device. For details, see the instructions for using the device.

    When using Microsoft Windows as a computer, DLNA media server

    Microsoft Windows personal desktop computer can be used as a DLNA media server using Windows Media Player 11.


    Start Windows Media Player 11.


    Select [Shared Media] from the [Library] menu.


    Select the [Share Media] checkbox.


    In the list of products under the [Share Media] checkbox, sort the desired devices – share the data, and then sort [Allow].


    Select [OK].
    DLNA media server setup is complete.

    Play Content From DLNA Media Server

    When you turn on the PS3 ™ system, DLNA media servers on the same network are automatically monitored, and the icons of the detected servers are displayed under ( Photo), (music), ( video).


    In the (Photo) (music) and (video). All available files and files that the PS3 ™ system can place bets on will be displayed.

    playstation 3 dlna error


    Select the initiator you want to play.

    Manual DLNA Media Search

    Your servers can search DLNA media servers on the same network. Use it if the DLNA media server is not detected when you turn on your PS3 ™ PC.

    Select (server search) no more than (photo),  (music) or Alt =” “ (video). When the search results are listed and you are returned to the XMB ™ menu, you will be presented with a list of DLNA media servers that can be connected.


    • Windows Media Player 88 is not installed by default on Microsoft Windows PCs. Download the installer from the Microsoft website page to install Windows Media Player 11.
    • For more information on using Windows Media Player 11, refer to the Windows Media Player 11 help system.
    • In some cases, the original DLNA media server software may be installed on the PC. For details, see the instructions currently supplied with your computer.



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    Solution 1: Check the permissions and select the device using the Mac address.Solution 2: turn off your firewallSolution 3: Restart the Windows Media Network Sharing service.Solution 4. Run applications as administrator.Solution 5. Select the correct network interface.

    Step 1. Make sure your PS3 is simply connected to the same computer network (Ethernet or wireless) as your laptop. You can test your connection by going to Settings> Network Settings. Step 2: On your PS3, go to Settings> Network Settings> Connect to Media Server and also set it to On.