In this guide, we will look at some of the possible reasons why ports may become unavailable in Device Manager, and then describe how to fix the problem.



ports not available in device manager

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Published: October http: // in 2019 “href =” “> Device Manager usually specifies COM for city offices. However, these -com ports can sometimes disappear from Device Manager after users update their personal Windows platforms.

It is natural to wonder when COM ports disappeared. Hence, you may need to recover your lost com ports so that you can manage them through Device Manager.

How To Restore Missing COM Ports?

1. Update Your System Driver aty

One way to fix missing COM ports in Device Manager is to update outdated motherboard drivers.

You can build it manually or using a dedicated tool such as DriverFix to check for devices and parts that require updated drivers.

To add this tooltip tool in Windows 10, you can always download it for free from the website below.

After that, the program will display a list of obsolete devices that can be updated. Click the Update button if the navigation indicates that the motherboard drivers may need updating.


ports not available in device manager

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2. Select The Show Hidden Electronics Option

Update your motherboard drivers One way to repair COM port bypass in Device Manager should be to update outdated motherboard drivers. The program will then display a list of outdated device drivers that can be updated. Click the Update button when the scan shows how often your motherboard drivers need to be updated.

  1. Open menu + X and click Device Manager.
  2. Then click on the display menu.
  3. Select “Show devices with hidden “.

3. Add COM Ports

  1. Open Device Manager as described above.
  2. Click the action menu.
  3. Select Add Legacy Hardware.
  4. Select the type of equipment installation that I will choose in your hand from the list of car radios.
  5. Click the Next button to open the list of materials to add.
  6. Then buy ports (COM and LPT) from the list and click Next.
  7. Select a manufacturer to allow vents or standard port type and click Next.
  8. Click Finish.

Here are some of the possible fixes that will require repairing COM ports in Device Manager. After that, you can configure the ports provided as.

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Matthew is a freelance writer who creates many articles on a variety of technology-related topics. It is mainly focused on Windows, the operating system and everything related to it. He is passionate … Read more

  • After updating the Windows operating system, the desktop COM ports may disappear from Device Manager.
  • You will have to restore them and moreover, in this article we will show you how to do it.
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Select “Install hardware for which I will manually decide” from the list.Scroll down and select Special Ports (COM and LPT), then click Next.Select Communication Port.Click Next, then click Finish.The COM Ports element adjusts the display in devices and printers.

If your main COM ports information does not appear in Device Manager, open Device Manager and click Action on that menu bar. Select the Add Legacy Hardware option and click Next. When completed, the Ports (COM & LPT) group is displayed in Device Manager. Expand the host to open your device.