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This manual has been written to help you in the event of a poweredge i1912 error.


  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    You do not have permission to access “ p / 4556484” on this server.

    For Dell servers, there are several ways to clear event auditing. One of them does NOT require a reboot, which is good if your server is up and running. If your server does not start the operating system or the iDRAC web interface does not work, there is a second method that connects to the hardware and requires a reboot. Let’s take a look at each process in order.

    This method is also ideal if you do not want to restart the server, your iDRAC can be configured using a known IP address and your computer will start immediately. You can use this tutorial method without Internet access, just like you can access a server using an IP address.

    1. The first step is to enter the IP address using your web browser. In my case, the default is used, usually
    2. You will now be prompted for a User ID and Password for your precious iDRAC. You should know this information ifonly this is not the first time iDRAC has been accessed. Our default settings are “root” for login and “calvin”, all lowercase for some passwords. Make sure “This iDRAC” appears in the dropdown list, then submit your claim.
    3. On the next screen, where you have never visited this skillset web interface before, you will likely be prompted to change the default username and password. If you see this screen, do so now and review your regular business log to write down and remember your security passwords.
    4. After logging in, this screen will be displayed (the main page of the web interface of the iDRAC website). You need to go to …. control panel.

    a) There are quick launch shortcuts on the side of the dashboard.

    1. This is a great opportunity to find out what’s in your business event log. Just make sure nothing happens to the log.
    2. Click Clear Log. At this point, your event log should be flushed continuously. This is where you can log out of iDRAC if you have nothing else to do. Wait a few minutes and the LCDThe screen currently on the front of your device may change from yellow to widespread blue, which means there is currently no permanent error. If after a minute there are only a few orange highlighted images, be sure to use these on-screen buttons to view errors. If the audience still has the error, the problem might be in the software, which does persist, and something in your printer is not perfect and needs to be fixed before clearing the salon log, which resets the screen to blue by default. An example of this would be if their RAID cables are missing and connected to the wrong ports. In this case, the yellow LCD boot error will not go away until all machines find new RAID cables in the machine, and then the specific machine is restarted.

    poweredge i1912 error

    One final note: if you open the server lid, but you have no other boot problems, we will only see a yellow LCD for a minute while my computer boots up and an error transitionit in “Hacking”. but it will disappear after about a minute and the LCD will turn blue again. This

    1. As for the plan, the first thing we need to do is restart the server. Make sure you have approval for your business before proceeding.
    2. After restarting, you will see a welcome screen for Dell or your device vendor.
    3. You will then be taken to the next POST screen, which displays all the information about your computer and lists the options. You need the following option: “Press Ctrl + E to enter the remote access function in seconds … at the bottom of each screen. Press Ctrl + E immediately when you see this.
    4. If it helped you open this screen. Just use the down arrow key, which usually allows you to move to the end of the list where the situation is displayed (DAS). Hit Enter.
    5. After 10 minutes, you have two more options to view or clear the event log. You can compare yourself to each other if you like, but this is definitely a great opportunity to see what exactly is in the event log. If you have aAnd the hardware issues of your main server is a great place to start your research, but if all you have to do is uninstall, just use the uninstall option and press enter additionally, this rec Ordered you to clear the log immediately.
    6. After erasing, click Exit until you exit the Remote Access screen. At this point, your fitness device will continue to turn on for the usual reason. It is recommended that your LCD screen return to its standard blue color sooner unless persistent problems arise. If it is a new minute after yellow, use the arrows on this LCD screen to see what other receipts will appear.

    This completes the steps to clear the event log on Dell PowerEdge models: R710, R810, R910

    2. Method: in terms of hardware, fully use F2 at startup (12th and 13th generation)

    1. For this tutorial, the first thing we need to do is restart the server along the way. Make sure you have approval for your business before proceeding.
    2. After restarting, youyou see a splash screen with a picture of Dell or your device brand.
    3. You can then proceed to the next POST screen, which displays all information about an individual computer and lists the options. You will need to hit F2 at the end of POST.
    4. If it worked, you will open this screen. Just use the down arrow button to cycle through the entire mode until the end of the show, where the IDRAC parameter will be displayed. Hit Enter.
    5. After 10 seconds, all market participants have two options to view or delete the summary log. You can just delete it however you want, but this is a great chance to see what’s in the event log without a doubt. (If you do not see the “System Logs for Special Cases” option, which you may need when updating your iDRA model and BIOS, as this feature could be added later)
    6. Select “Yes” to be able to remove and exit The menu as well as the menus will prompt you as soon as you confirm the exit to save the changes.
    7. After deleting, press the Esc key until you move away from the remote control. ForgiveFace the access screen. At some point, your computer will continue to boot normally. Your LCD screen should soon return to our standard blue color, unless persistent errors occur. If it doesn’t go away after a minute of yellow, you can safely use the arrows on the LCD screen to see what errors are still being introduced.

    This completes the steps you need to follow to clear the Event Tree on Dell PowerEdge 12, 13 and Gen. (Models: R720, R720xd, R730, R730xd, R820, R830, R930)



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