I was at the top level today to set up a new hosting for team building. It seems that all our projects are implemented after the creation of the Code Research (FXCop). In one job, he worked on a development PC but failed on an update machine.

Error CA0055 means that “the file onfound far away “or” could not be loaded “from the new analysis module. I first diagnosed an issue with domain names that had more than 256 emails (assembly and solution names seemed long), which might be an MSBuild issue, but it isn’t / p>

Finally, I looked at the * .CodeAnalysisLog.xml file in the art directory. This led to various internals popping up and I found it was every missing DLL referenced by a DLL called the main DLL – so close! I have added this dll to the show links to make sure it is in the build directory and is absolutely correct.

TIP: Read the detailed FXCop log file – this IDE displays more than the summary