Over the past few days, some of our readers have come across an error message saying that the rails parameter was not found. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. Now we will discuss them.


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    Sorry it’s a bit late, but now look at the form code, which looks something like Form_for

    <%= @photo, :html :multipart => => true Make |f| %>  <% if @photo.errors.Each? %> 

    <%=.errors.count, %> "error") Does Not Currently Allow Saving This Photo:

    <% @photo.errors.full_messages.all do |msg| %>
  • <%= Message %>
  • <%end%>
    <% end of section %>
    Upload photo
    <%= f.:image_file_field %>
    <%= f.submit "Upload :class photo", "btn => btn-small" %><%end%>

    Well, that’s not a problem, with rails or carrierwave or strong_parameter something like html > most effective at. It’s like when you write a file and when you add nothing to it, it’s now name and therefore value is not completely sent to the HTML server. Think something like checkbox or even disabled field

    Because your form is included exclusively <%= f.file_field:image %>and this tool does not contain an additional field (model photo attributes)

    rails param not found

    so the entire photo hashwill not be created if the input file has no attachment

    Parameters (without =>

    rails param not found

     add attached)"utf8"=>"âœ", "authenticity_token"=>"IvOieBvxdA6qzVKrt1dYBuCXlt+uuWCyWjUAuTK0XEU=", "commit"=>"Upload photo"

    Parameters (with Extension =>

     attached) "utf8"=>"âœ", "authenticity_token"=>"I4O0w+Wk8nJaD6HJRSC+FfuAip5NVE6TkCUFDEN+sW0=", "photo"=>"image"=>#, @original_filename="[email protected]_type="form content layout:image/jpeg" ; name = " photo [image]"; filename="bag.jpg"rnContent type: image/jpegrn">,"fix"=>"upload photo"

    now you are referring to the difference between them, this difference is also the cause of the error, yours because you live

    and so when you run the previous params.require(:photo).permit(:image) the code has problems with

    because of a string reference to . Which require(:photo) missing while params


     photo_params definition   If options[:photo]. exists ?     params.require(:photo).permit(:image)     end  end



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    No one's fault, bybecause this is how your current HTML works, if no no name =value adds a pair to the posted server, not not to mention that the photo parameters are not normally sent to the hosted server, so the person's hash does not contain those products, and therefore a strong setting generates the biggest error

    No initial character image provided by Unsplash

    While working on a recent Ruby on Rails back end project, I noticed that the default behavior is especially intriguing when the behavior uses large assignments and strong parameters. If customers need a refresher on the strengths of RoR, check out the proof here!

    For the project, I'm only working on the back end, so I'm using Postman to check the preferred routes and make sure everything is usable. Here I noticed that, unfortunately, all invalid parameters are naturally filtered, and the HTML header code is 2xx ("OK" or "created" depending on the scene)Nariya) comes home. I was wondering why there would be no HTML 4xx at all if someone was trying to directly type in one whose parameter is not allowed, so I dug up a few! Let's start with the most effective and develop the part created by this project.

    Creating Simple End User Models In On Ruby ​​Rails

    Let's say most create a user for personal use. We'll start using the built-in rail generator to get everything we need; to get the model, your current controller, routes and schema from our database.

    *I'm very happy to add --no-test-framework which removes the spec files for our custom model as I and I will never (Test tdd Driven Development ).Now

    created our custom product and it usually has the parameters username and password_digest.

    We benefit When we password_digest, we use the Ruby bcrypt gem, which securely encrypts our security password. However, when we need to create a new specific one, we always create it by inserting "password": "" body in JSON in Postman.Make

    < / quote > everyone try

    for the allowed parameter :password and :username we usually add the user_params method to many UsersController< of our /code> as private method. Be sure to pass these parameters to our create method. Our entire HTML should look like this, found at this point UsersController:

    class ApplicationControllerdef < create
    user = User.create(user_params)
    render json: visitor Status: website, :created
    endprivatedef params user_params
    .permit(:password, :username )

    Postman Test

    Now, let's say I'm trying to create a new postman user in Let's, but I'm passing in a parameter for email. The validation behavior is to filter out this invalid option and allow the specific option we defined above. The result will be a newly created user with HTTP code 201 As Description (created in the above code), and no doubt the email option has been removed.

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