Hope this blog post helps you if you reinstall Universe and restart your computer.

Terry Pratchett (2008). â € œHogfather: Novel (Discworld 20) â € œ, p. 218, Random House

reinstall universe and reboot

Some seem like widespread nonsense, such as the Monty Python-style slapping someone in the face with a fish, while others persist due to legitimate computer errors and end up absurdly in typical disc fashion.

I would say that maybe this is nonsense at all:
+++ Mister Frozen! Mister Frozen! +++
+++ Melon Melon Melon +++
+++ Oops! Here’s the cheese! +++
(On the one hand, this work would also be an anecdote-return to the error “From the mistake of mozzarella cheese” – that is, also just general nonsense, a reminder of the previous joke)

As others have mentioned, the Out of Cheese bug is a good, reliable Discworld version of the ubiquitous Out of memory bugs (or the much more general Out of [resource] or resource bugs. Can be tricky). disk space, RAM, network ports, file descriptors, etc., but unfortunately main memory (RAM or hard disk) is the most common and most famous non-programmableammists).

I recently struggled with an out of memory error while programming which ruined me for 3 months. They are completely normal, although less and less (or at least less noticeable to the consumer) now that even cheap computers are full of RAM.

(As a kind of oversimplification, RAM is a reminder of what computers are actively using (and wipes out every time your whole family shuts down the computer) and the piece of disk space that memory users want when they have it. them as files like avatars and documents)

Here are some more explanations for the errors mentioned above mentioned by Pearl Sutton:
+++ Error at 18 Treacle Mine Road, Ankh-Morpork +++

In a computer’s RAM (its “thought / operation memory”), every good “address” is a location, along with a specific area of ​​memory, in which the entire computer operates. The number, measured in bytes, is assumed to start at 0 (in theory) and end with the maximum amount of RAM you have ь. For example, 0 to 8,589,934,592 bytes (8 GB of RAM).

If at this stage there is an error in the address, it is not uncommon for a healthy error to say something like “Error 0x075BCD15: on “.
Instead, the ‘Address’ returned in Discworld was a memory address in bytes, but some sort of mailing address (eg “325 Broadway, New York City, New York”) to see if the error occurred elsewhere. in the world, and you would have eaten to go there to fix a major mistake.

It also starts by explaining the nonsense – which is part of the general theme of jokes: none of these mistakes are even remotely useful for figuring out what went wrong (except maybe the Gouda mistake).
It is a common statement by programmers and computer users that error messages are often useless and sometimes misleading. While there has been a lot of effort over the past few years to improve better error reporting, for * decades and decades *, error messages have been stupidly opaque and often misleading. This can be proven by the impulse of even experienced programmers whoThey started googling our bug report hoping an expert could explain it online in the UK because the bug is not about telling what is wrong until someone knows it’s a decent bug. namely, that.

Programmers usually specify byte coverage in hexadecimal: 0x075BCD15 in Assisi 16 (hex) is the sum of 123 456 789 base 10 (decimal).
This also explains the hexadecimal name of the computer. HEX is a play on words because it really is both hexadecimal (a favorite product of programmers for counting bytes) and magic hexadecimal (curse / spell).

Decimal, usually the easiest way to count, means we are implementing 10 characters that represent the values ​​0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Each additional position is a higher power. 123 = 1 3. (10 * 10) + 2 5. (10) + 3 (123 corresponds to 1 (10 ^ 2) + 2 (10 ^ 1) + 3 (10 ^ 0))
(I remember in elementary school everyone called it “the number of units”, “the number of tens”, “the number of hundreds”)

Used characters in hexadecimal: 16 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, A, B, C, D, E, F (A = 10, B means 11, etc. .)
Every additional message can be more than one. A2F = A * (16 * 16) + pair * (16) + F (A2F = A (16 ^ 2) + 2 (16 ^ 1) + F (16 ^ 0))

reinstall universe and reboot

Programmers also count in binary. Base 2 is binary, it is there that everything is now described by two characters: 0 and 1.
This means decimal numbers 123 456 789 are represented as 0111 0101 1011 1100 1101 0001 0101

The following is a great story related to the binary system, but with a funny spelling of numbers:

It could also be a response to the unplanned culture of the Internet.

Some people, when upset about something, attribute too many scars to one sentence.
for example: “I don’t think he !!! “

To enter an exclamation point on a US QWERTY keyboard, hold down the Shift key to enter the number “1”. (Shift + just one = ‘!’)

Sometimes they seem so agitated that they put a few exclamation points like “1” instead of “!”.
ex: “I can’t believe he did it !! 1 !!”

Therefore, other people began to scoff at this passion or even parody it, also putting zeros, as if they were so excited that by chance (and laughtervorno) started entering binary data:
ex: “I can’t imagine he did it !! 10010101 !!”

As the meme grew, people even started focusing on some of the letters, bringing the absurdity to eleven.
ex: “I can’t believe he can! 10one1! zero01one01 !!”

Terry Pratchett was very familiar with internet culture and technology (many regular internet sites perpetuate this by putting your ex-boyfriend’s name (invisible) on web pages printed from many websites).

+++ Divide by mistake Cucumber. Reinstall and restart Universe +++

This is almost any three-to-one error message. It combines several separate error messages into one.

In mathematics, you cannot divide anything by zero. five different ones divided by 0 are still meaningless, and mathematicians are described by mathematicians as “indefinite,” meaning they don’t know what the answer should be.

In terms of programming, it’s even worse. Accidental division by zero often causes the entire main program to crash, or causes an unpleasant design style and error known as an “exception.”Old computers would even break the entire computer. When a new, healthy error occurs, the program can catch the exceptions, usually prevent the crash, and display the error message on the TV screen. Most of the time, they just say “Divide by zero errors” or something like that, and someone using the program won’t understand what caused the crash.Hell, even as a programmer I wrote most of the code, I once spent three hours trying to figure out where a null error might have occurred.

Terry Pratchett made this Discworld flaw even more serious and absurd, turning it into a brand new “Divide into Cucumber”.

Sometimes, of course, in the early days of laptops or computers (but it can still happen), media can break so quickly (due to errors or other errors) that they destroy their own facts so much that they cannot automatically retrieve them. Then you will have a saying: “Please reinstall [program name] and restart” (previously, a restart was required for the installation to take effect). Example: “Reinstall Adobe Acrobat and restart. “

This would be frustrating because you would have to stop what you are doing, view your installation, and find the program to install on the DVDs (or find a download on the internet and take the time to download), wait and start the installation every time when a new one arises.

Sometimes worse than reinstalling a program would be the need to reinstall all Windows operations. No amount of error message will get people to do it, but a lot of business support people will say so, and after that, online forums will sometimes post who appears to be doing it. Especially when you are infected with the worst kind of virus called “rootkits”, which antivirus programs do not remove, and the only cleaner is to “sprout” or “go out of orbit” as these experts say. Windows from scratch.

Reinstalling Windows is a major nuisance that will essentially ruin your day after that. You will need to save your stuff first, and it will take Windows three or more hours to install the packages one by one, find everything toaccess your CD and registry information, and then simply download the saved data back to your computer.

“Please Reinstall Universe” is a test on the Internet because people joked about how awful and depressing it was – you should reinstall everything from scratch, from scratch. Your entire day or three will be reduced to ash.