You may have encountered an error message that the Reliance 606 electric water heater is under maintenance. It turns out that there are several different ways to solve this problem, so we’ll talk about it shortly.


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    If absolutely hot water is present, the problem may be due to a lack of electricity, a poor-quality electric thermostat, or a defective electric heating element. If the new water isn’t hot enough, the cause could be an insufficiently large water block, mixed up hot and cold water connections, or even a faulty heating element or possibly even a thermostat.


    All water heaters fail from time to time, and our Reliance marine water heaters do the same! However, all the problems that buyers face are common to all models, and to achieve this; Reliance’s troubleshooting feature will help you fix the problem in no time! So, what are these difficulties and how to get started with them?

    Before we get to the problems that you can solve, let us take a picture of the LEDs that are on the indicator of your water heater. product. It will also help you better understand future instructions.

    Reliance Water Heater Troubleshooting: Status Light Code Troubleshooting Table

    LED Flash


    Correction Method

    0 Not blinking or lit

    LED is off due to insufficientclear dominance when moving the machine.

    Note any diagnostic signs by following the instructions on the front panel of the connected water heater.

    1 blink every second or more

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    Works without problems.

    reliance 606 electric water heater troubleshooting

    No configuration required.

    2 Or flashing

    Thermostat The gas control valve is not producing enough gas.

    Disconnecting hot water filtration systems and cold water leaks will simply disable the top thermostat. But if the water is hot, then it cools down, then your lower thermostat is out of order.

    Check all device input electrical connections for obvious problems.

    If no wiring problem, replace thermopile.

    You cannot get enough hot water.They have different problems with water temperature.You get a leaking water heater.They correspond to reduced water consumption.You have heard a lot about noise.You have smelly or discolored water.Your water heater should be on the higher end of this spectrum.

    flashes 4 times

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    < p>Replace thermostat or firmware gas valve

    < p>Sensor

    < p>5 errors

    Replace gas regulator or thermostat.

    7 flashes

    Thermostat or gas valve controller failure

    Replace gas appliance controller or thermostat.

    reliance 606 electric water heater troubleshooting

    8 flashes

    There may be two reasons for this:

    < br>The pilot valve may be stuck open when the gas control valve or temperature control unit has been disabled, causing will result in a flow delay.

    Another cause may be independent of the fact that the thermopile continued to supply power, which caused the gas control valve or temperature valve to shut off. This may be due to the fact that the main line of the thermopile has not cooled down enough after the device was turned off.

    Both are easy to solve:

    < p>< br>Turn on the device as usual, then turn it off and wait one minute. Then take the outer door apart and look through the pilot to make sure it’s still lit. If the pilot burner is still lit, you will also need to replace the gas shut-off valve or thermostat.

    To check for a problem with the thermopile, do the same later and turn off the main gas. linear or valve thermostat. It’s a 10 minute wait. After that, follow the special activation instructions for thesesea ​​water heater cage to attempt to restart the pilot type. If the problem persists, you should always contact a specialist.

    It’s a big inconvenience when the main success of your water heater stops working, you and you, among other things, end up in a shower with water in the winter. However, there are three easy steps to find out exactly what the problem is usually!

    If your water heater, especially the pilot water heater, is in good condition, the status light attached to your gas control valve will flash every three seconds. If this is the case, then no problems have been found in principle of operation.

    However, in this case, if you do not receive hot water, you must ensure that the penis is turned to the “Hot” side that you are on the water heater .

    If the status indicator flashes more than three times, please refer to the table and act accordingly.

    Status Light Is Not Blinking


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    If the status light is only blinking, follow the “Lighting Instructions” in your manual to light your modeling lamp. If that doesn’t work, follow the next step at this point. If this also works, follow the previous step.

    To do this, you need to check the spark of the igniter. Remember to dim the lights in your room and look at the indicator light when you press the key button.

    If you don’t see the flame ignite, first make sure the wiring is good and working. intact, inserted correctly. If you have visited a spark, open the available gas valve and follow the basic “lighting instructions” in your manual.

    If the captain’s lamp does not light up properly after this, call for professional help.

    No Hot Water Compared To Slow Water Heating

    Insufficient hot water capacity for your heating can be caused by several reasons.

    1. The capacity of the water heater is too low or the water is used up too quickly.
    2. The plumbing coalition may have loosened or this dip tube has melted, usually immediately after installation.
    3. Sediment inside the tank, which causes to the lack of space or living space for hot water.
    4. Plumbing is leaking.
    5. The thermostatic faucet in the shower or faucet may be defective Check it yourself – even to check all connected plumbing taps in addition to showers.
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