Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have shared with us that they have discovered BIOS password removal for HP laptop. g.Click User Management. Virtually delete the accounts in the Users section of ProtectTools after clicking the Save button. Return to the Security tab. Click Change Password to remove the BIOS administrator password.




In some cases, it is necessary to recreate the BIOS password in order to invoke the BIOS and change its settings (for example, to customize the boot sequence). This BIOS reset on a desktop computer is usually a relatively straightforward process as mostIn some cases, all you have to do is unplug the power cord and CMOS / BIOS battery for a few minutes, or plug in the CLEAR CMOS jumper on the motherboard (if you have one).

On the other hand, and on your wrist, if you have a laptop, the process of resetting the BIOS / CMOS build password is more complicated, especially since the CMOS battery is difficult to access.

This guide lists all the existing methods for deleting / deleting BIOS / CMOS account on HP ProBook, Elite and Pavilion notebooks.

How to reset BIOS password on HP laptop.

Method 3: Reset the cmos password using the HP BIOS setup utility.

Method 4: Clear BIOS with password HP Probook / Elitebook BIOS Password Reset Utility.

Method 1. Remove battery / CMOS password. First of all

To remove the BIOS password on an HP (or other brand) laptop or desktop PC, you need to locate and remove each of our CMOS batteries for multiple calls. To complete this task:

1. Find the location of the CMOS / battery as a simple online search will help replace most of the CMOS battery in your laptop model, system or motherboardNS.
2. Once you find this information, turn off the device and unplug the power cord from the new computer.
3. Follow the instructions that you find inside the open laptop case.
4. Remove or disconnect the CMOS battery * 6-10 minutes to clear the CMOS configuration and reset the CMOS password.
5. Reconnect (or reinstall) the CMOS and battery, then close our own chassis.
6. Enable your computer type and BIOS setting.

Method 2: Reset the BIOS password using the password wizard.

remove bios password for hp laptop

1. Turn on your laptop and simply press the appropriate function key to add BIOS / CMOS to the setup.
2. Enter the wrong password in the garden (3) times.
3. You have the opportunity to receive the message “System is deactivated”, as well as a digital code.
4. From another communicating computer, navigate to the Clear BIOS Passwords page.
5. Enter the numeric code after the message “System Disabled” and see Retrieving a Password.
6. Reboot the locked electronics and enter the password (s) suggested on the BIOS site “Remove Passwords”.

Heel method y. Reset the cmos password using our proprietary HP BIOS setup utility.

1. Download the HP BIOS setup program.
2. Install the Bios Configuration Utility on your tiered.
3. During the installation process, make a note of the installation folder for this HP Bios Config (BCU) utility. *

* Note: Usually bcu is installed via “C: Program Files (x86) HP BIOS Configuration Utility”.

4. From the command line, navigate to the HP Bios Config Utility (BCU) design and installation folder by typing my command:

  • cd program (x86) hp BIOS Setup Utility

remove bios password for hp laptop

5. Then enter the following command to clear the BIOS / CMOS setup password on your HP laptop:

  • biosconfigutility.exe / newsetuppassword: “”

6. If all goes well, you will receive a special message “Installation password changed successfully”. *

7. If you receive an error message that your system is not insured. Unable to connect to HP WMI namespace (see screenshot below), in this case do the following:

a. Download and install HP System Manager (SSM) software version sp2095.exe * from here

* Notes ie. Remember, this version of SSM works best with Windows, Vista, or XP.

b. Open the command as a command line administrator.
C. Go to the BCU location, “C: Program Files From (x86) hewlett-packard ssm”, Command Prompt Window Type.
D. Then enter the following command: *

    • biosconfigutility.exe / nspwd: “pwd”

* Note. If desired, replace the quoted term pwd with a regular password.

e. The BCU should reply: “Password changed successfully”.
F. Restart your computer while the BIOS enters the installer you specified.

Method 4: Clear the BIOS using the Password Utility to reset the HP Probook / Elitebook BIOS password. *

Note. The BIOS password reset method below has been tested on the following variants of HP notebooks (source):

HP Elitebook 2530P, HP Elitebook 4310S, HP Elitebook 4510S, HP Elitebook 6930P, HP Elitebook 8460P, HP Elitebook 8530W, HP Probook 2230S, HP Probook 2560P, HP Probook 2730P, HP Probook 2740P, HP Probook 6460B, HP Probook 6455B , HP Probook 6535B, HP Probook 6550B, HP Probook 6730B, HP Probook 6735B, HP Probook 8440P, HP Probook 8530P, HP Probook 8540, HP Probook 8560P, HP Probook HP 8560w, Probook HP 8560w, Probook 8730W

1. Download and create the BIOS Reset Utility (HPBR.RAR) from HP.
2. Insert an EMPTY USB storage medium.
3. Find out The marked files and click on them are 4 ‘6 “to launch the USB tool image.

4. Then select the found USB drive in the left pane and just click “Recover”.

5. In the extracted HPBR directory, find and select the instruction “HPBR-WIN32”, then click “Open”.

10. Depending on the laptop model, enter the appropriate counter and press Enter to reset the BIOS password to zero. *

* Notes:
1. On some models, you may need to restart the program. If so, restart my computer and my system and press ii to RUN
2 seconds. If your desktop model is no longer supported (not listed) after entering the “DOS” command, category 5 to run SHOTGUN (to try all models).

Method 5: Remove the HP BIOS / CMOS password by updating the BIOS.

To change the BIOS password by updating the BIOS on your HP laptop, follow the instructions in this article. (Attention, flashing the BIOS on the device is dangerous).

Other methods to remove BIOS on HP notebooks with password.

1. Replace the BIOS chip.
2. Try to find solutionse on the PS support forum.

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Turn off the computer on the right and disconnect the muscle cable from the computer. Find all the password reset (PSWD) jumpers, I would say, on the motherboard. Remove the Enter jumper from the password jumper pins. Turn on without jumper to reset password.

The easiest way to remove the BIOS password is to simply remove the CMOS battery. The computer remembers its settings and also saves the time when it is turned off and unplugged as these parts are powered by a small computer battery known as a CMOS battery. On some computer hardware, this part works.