You may come across an error code indicating reconnection to the control panel. There are several ways to solve this problem, and that’s what we’ll talk about now. g.Press Win + R (or copy and paste)% LOCALAPPDATA% Microsoft Windows WinX Group2 and press Enter.Copy the extracted file to your folder and change the name if viewers want.




If you also routinely use Windows with 10 Creators Update (Build 1703) later, you may find that the WinX menu usually displays settings rather than the entire Control Panel. However, you can override the settings by displaying the control panel in WinMenu x to access the control panel again from the Win + x menu.

  • Part 1. Creating shortcuts on the control panel.
  • Part 2: Adding a Control Panel from the WinX Menu Path

How To Create A Shortcut To Control Panel On The Windows Ten Desktop

Select the launch button, enter control panel in the scan box next to the launch control button on the taskbar, and usually select the control panel (desktop application) from the results Stats.Find Recovery in Control Panel and select Recovery> System Restore> Next.

You also need to be logged in as an administrator, follow the instructions below, you will manually create a shortcut for the control panel.

Step 2. In the window that opens, enter% windir% system32 control.exe in the empty field and click Next.

Step 3. Log into the control panel in the naming package and click Finish.

How to restore the link to the control panel in the WinX menu

Use these methods below because you can easily restore the link of the Control Panel shortcut to the Windows Win + X menu in 10.

Step 1. Open File Explorer. Then copy the following path to the address bar of the explorer and press Enter.

restore control panel shortcut

If you go directly to the WinX folder, click here to successfully open the group 2 folder.

Step 2. Then drag the created Control Panel shortcut directly from your desktop.


When done, wake up your computer and you will find the Control Panel item in the WinX menu.

You can use the WinX Menu Editor to complete this process if you like.

Step 2. Launch the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Win + X Menu Editor depending on your PC type.

Step 3. Select 2 groups to which you want to add the link to the control panel and click “Add program”.

restore control panel shortcut

Step 4. In the Add Control window, select Control Panel.

This will add a link to the control panel for the selected group. Click Restartit is a conductor.

Close the Win + X Menu Editor. If you open the WinX shortcut schema, you will see that the panel gets a handle to the shortcut link.

If you have installed ten Windows Creators Updates (Build 1703), you will probably find that when you press the WIN + X key combination, the command prompt in the context menu is not displayed. Microsoft replaced it with your Powershell, can restore command line for WinX on Windows 10 PC, on this you can again access command line via Win + X menu.



Press Windows key + R, this means: Control, then press Enter. Voila, the control panel is back; someone can right click on it and then click a pin in the taskbar for easy access. Another way to access most of the control panel is by using File Explorer.

Steps to create a system recovery technique on your Windows 10 desktop: At least one step: Right-click an empty space on your computer desktop, select New from the text menu and select Shortcut for I would say sublist to open a new secret formula. … Step 2: Enter% windir% system32 rstrui.exe (ie Where to restore your system) in the blank text box and click Next to continue.