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    Over the past week, some readers have reported that they have read reviews of Bitdefender Antivirus Pro 2011.


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    Like the major security vendors, BitDefender isIt offers both a standalone antivirus utility and a wonderful full-featured security package. With many bonus features, BitDefender Antivirus Pro 2011 ($39.95 for three licenses) offers the latest level of protection normally only found in a full package, and its user experience is more fluid than I’ve ever seen. But in the core skills tests, it didn’t pass as easily as last year’s edition.

    You have it so
    BitDefender offers three very different kinds of user interface: basic, second time for beginners, and expert. If you just prefer to covertly protect it, choose a linear view. The middle view provides access to more features and settings, while the main view shows every detail of how the main program works. In each view type, you can choose which specifications to display in a list of tools easily accessible from the main toolbar page.

    Configuration is done during installation; Select PreliminaryView View and select a range of tools. When planning your installation, register the product, create a virtual account, and optionally initialize the product remotely for network management. It takes a little time, but attention, but when the installation is completed, the product is tailored to your business taste and ready to go.

    While testing last year’s version of BitDefender, I ran into a lot of backup issues on malware-infected systems. The company successfully addressed the issue by running a scan for active malware at the start of the installation. Of all my infected tests, only one detected a pre-installed system type and received threats. After the necessary reboot, the installation resumed automatically.

    Bitdefender is fast, lightweight, and will have a much better cloud-based auto-scan engine than Microsoft Defender. Bitdefender anti-malware detected all the malware I tested during a full system scan and had little to no impact on my computer’s performance.

    Decent lab results
    Both West Coast labs, in addition to the ICSA labs, certify BitDefender for herpes virus detection and removal. West Coast will provide additional certificates for trojan and spyware detection, but Kaspersky 2011 Antivirus ($59.95, ) Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper 2011 ($39.99 direct, ) BitDefender won’t have the new Checkmark Platinum BitDefender won’t do well with Virus Bulletin – it failed four of the last ten exams VB100 based on Windows, including the latest.

    In the latest On-Demand Malware Cleaner test, BitDefender received the highest ADVANCED+, Extreme score with several false positives. He may have received an ADVANCED+ rating with several false awards in his recent unsigned proactive tests. BitDefender received an ADVANCED rating for a year of accurate testing of dynamic protection; Latest Exclusive Norton Internet Security 2010 ($69.99 each, ), and Kaspersky received my highest ADVANCED+ rating. also conducted dedicated 60-day real-life testing testing dozens of products. BitDefender came in second in this test Malware detection and basic blocking. Top detection and blocking positions shared by Norton, Kaspersky and PC Tools Internet Security 2010 ($49.95, ) will not live up to the stellar reputation gained from using purchased Kaspersky.

    Random malware detected, removal
    Fortunately, this pre-installation scan found threats on all of my thirteen malware-infected scan systems. Folds have been found in more than half of malware studies. The product installed from all systems without incident and started scanning when completed. In some cases, BitDefender reported that a full scan alone could not complete the cleanup and suggested that you run the Bitdefender Rescue CD. I downloaded and used a rescue CD and then used them against each other to boot problematic systems. The attractive startup scanner quickly did the trick; Full scan completed.

    reviews for bitdefender antivirus pro 2011

    By default, BitDefender performs absoluteQuite a full check after the completion of the task. The first full run on my clean standard test machine took 30 minutes, which is a bit more than average. However, BitDefender’s ability to redundantly scan known safe entries reduced the subsequent access time to over five calls. It automatically runs a full scan whenever the system is idle for half an hour. You can also run an efficient cloud-based quick scan at any time if you suspect active malware – this is undoubtedly the same scan as when you set up a task.

    Overall, Bitdefender’s malware reader is one of the best – it’s fast, doesn’t cause lag, and delivers perfect malware detection rates. If you are looking for a lightweight and powerful Trojan scanner, Bitdefender is a fantastic choice.

    BitDefender detected 77% of malware affecting my systems experience, slightly below average and well below the 89% detection rate achieved by Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus 2010 ($39.95 direct, ). It also completely removes everything it finds, evaluating 6 .Out of the 3 10 most likely points to remove Spyware Doctor and 1 Anti-Malware.46 malware with Malwarebytes (freeFinally, ) got 7 each ,3 points each, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware 5.0 ($40 , ) outperformed these products with 7.4 points.

    reviews for bitdefender antivirus pro 2011

    I definitely test each product’s ability to remove commercial keyloggers, although keylogger results don’t really count in my last survey. BitDefender detected 71% of current keylogger samples and flagged 4.4 important items. For better keylogger detection and better overall rating see

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Like any popular computer, BitDefender has a few issues and other quirks. Problems can often arise when features are not properly understood. On the other hand, the author needs to solve serious market issues.

    Bitdefender is a Romanian cybersecurity technology company headquartered in Bucharest, Romania with offices in the US, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.