Over the past few weeks, some users have encountered an error code with an unexpected Ruby input ending with a syntax error where the _end keyword is expected. This problem can occur due to many factors. We will discuss this below.


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    I’m experimenting with SUPER on the new Ruby, so I’m trying to follow the instructions for building a square. I am as close as possible to this, I checked it three times, I wrote it correctly. Actually, I rewrote it. The problem seems to be running out. My terminal may keep throwing an error: le shape.rb:25: format error, unexpected end of input, keyword_end expected


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    Can anyone help me? I think it will be a problem with this particular 1.upto, but I’m not sure. Thank you users!

    ruby syntax error unexpected end-of-input expecting keyword_end

     close "Welcome to Shapes"    Setting "How tall would you like your character to be?"    shape_size = gets    shape_size = shape_size.chomp    Production of "Outer Letter:"    = outer_letter gets    = outer_letter outer_letter.chomp    Print "letter: inside"    inside_letter means receives    inside_letter means inside_letter.chomp   Sets "Approximately draw a figure #shape_size large"   Defines "with #outside_letter to reach the edge"   Set "and #inside_letter for inner"    width = shape_size    height = shape_size    1.to(height) make |line|    in line==1        defines external_letter 3 . big    string elsif==height        determines the externalth_letter * width    different        Center = inner letter 4 . (Width-2)    put        "#outer_letter#middle#outer_letter"    end

    asked June 3, 2016 at 7:08 pm.

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     inserts "Start Time for Shapes".print "How tall do you really want your character to be?"shape_size = getsshape_size matches shape_size.chompprint "External letter:" external_letter.= gets Outer_letter.= Outer_letter.chompprint "Inner letter: equals"inside_letter getsinner_letter = inner_letter.chompput "About drawing a shape #shape_size big"put "with #outside_letter for fields"defines "and #inside_letter on = inside"shape_size widthheight = shape_size1.upto(height) take care of |row |  if string==1    defines outer_letter *width  string elsif==height    provides outer_letter *width  different    inner_letter in the middle = 4 . (Width-2)    put    "#outer_letter#middle#outer_letter"  endEnd number <--- here

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