Over the past few days, some readers have encountered an error message when running PHP on Windows 8. This problem can have several causes. Let’s take a look below.


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    g.If you want to run the PHP file for the browser on your own netbook, you will need to set up your own PHP development stack. You will need at least PHP, MySQL, and a forum like Apache or Nginx. MySQL was used to create databases that your new PHP applications could work with.




    PHP is well known, while server side hypertext preprocessor scripting text is one of the widely used open source programming languages ​​for web development as wellIt is an alternative to expensive and paid working languages ​​for web development developers such as Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) and Complex Server-Side Pages without Java (JSP). East

    run php in windows 8

    php is mainly used for building iterative and dynamic websites, offering database connectivity and many related functions and APIs that enable any developer to create a progressive and powerful feature-rich website. In this article, we will also learn about the market for how to install PHP Apache with MySQL. We will be using XAMPP, which stands for cross platform Apache, MySQL, PHP (also Python and Perl) is a package of some essential and essential software used to develop web applications and websites. XAMPP often includes Mercury, filezilla, Tomcat and hence phpMyAdmin, which provides an iterative graphical user interface for MySQL.

    Here you can learn how to install and use PHP on Microsoft Windows 7 and The 10:

    • Download the latest XAMPP from apachefriends.org.
    • Install XAMPP using the Organization Wizard.
    • After installing XAMPP change to directorydefault.
    • From the standard submit install page, open xampp-control.exe
    • In the XAMPP Control Panel, click the Start tab in front of Apache MySQL.
    • After starting Apache and MySQL, return to the default directory.
    • In the bypass directory, open the “htdocs” folder.
    • In this htdocs folder, you create your first PHP file with your – file-name.php
    • Open your web browser and web browser and go to “http: // localhost /your-file-name.php “to get the first PHP – Run the person file.

    1. How To Get XAMPP

    • Go to apachefriends.org and click the Download button.
    • On the XAMPP Windows download page, click the (32-bit) “€ œ Download button, which appears to be supported on both Windows 36 and 64-bit.
    • Once the capture is complete, open the downloaded file.
    • It is marked with “.”, a warning dialog is displayed with the following content:


    • Just click OK and the main installation wizard will open.
    • In a kind of welcome (first) installation window, click Next
    • >
    • In the Select Features window frommark the options you want – I recommend that you only select Apache (selected by default), MySQL, PHP (selected by default), phpMyAdmin and Fake Sendmail
    • After selecting your desired options, click the Next button, which is probably will take you to the window for selecting the folder for installation.
    • In the Select Install Location area of ​​the window, select the path where you want to perform a secure installation. I will ask you to install XAMPP in the “D: ” or “E: ” directory. If you only have “C: “, clients may not be using it. Find a directory other than “C: “.
    • When you have the installation folder, click on the “Next” button.
    • After the Installation Folder window, Bitnami for XAMPP is displayed by simply disabling the Additional Information in Bitnami for XAMPP Region option and clicking Next to complete the installation initialization process.
    • Once the installation is complete, follow the next step to run your first PHP program on XAMPP.

    2. Run The First PHP And XAMPP Program

    PHP on Windows PHP is not preinstalled on Windows systems. To work effectively with PHP on Windows, you may need to download and install PHP manually. You can download PHP from the PHP download page at http://www.php.net/downloads.php. Create a folder for PHP on your computer.

    • Go to the standard list where you installed XAMPP.
    • In this standard XAMPP directory openthose folder “htdocs”.
    • In my “htdocs” folder € create your first PHP file using Notepad or Notepad ++ and name it test.php (make sure most of the file extension should be .php)
    • To get PHP you can test it very well. Now the following PHP snippet has been added as test.php


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    XAMPP Control Panel
    • Open the XAMPP control panel and start Apache with MySQL (you can see the XAMPP control under All> XAMPP Programs> XAMPP Control Panel).
    • Once you’ve created XAMPP, open your web phone and enter “http: //localhost/test.php” (no quotes). Take a look at the generated file.

    3. Troubleshooting XAMPP

    When using XAMPP, your organization may sometimes encounter Apache and MySQL treadmill issues that need to be resolved by restarting the desktop. Individuals can contact us with their questions and concerns using our form

    run php in windows 8



    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Change to the XAMPP server directory. I am using Windows, so the list of my root servers is “C: xampp htdocs “.Create hello.php. Create a startup and name it hello.php.Code inside hello. php.Open a new tab. Run it by opening a new tab in your browser.Download bonjour.php.Go out.Create a database.Create a table.