Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating that an unknown dp error has occurred. There are several reasons that can cause this problem.



I have a file to buy data using GUI_DOWNLOAD. When I boot to C: on my laptop everything works fine. But when I do the same with the location of the internet hosting server, I get unknown_dp_error.

Do you have any idea what this unique unknown_dp_error means? We work in the Unicode ECC 6.0 system.

The data on the desktop still looks as shown below and does not contain unnecessary or similar files

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Shoban … @


12 January 2009 10:54:44 PM12.01.09

in SAPlink


I am getting UNKNOWN_DP_ERROR when I try to write to a shared drive.
But when I load my data into C: , I can do it so that theread any
problems. Has anyone had this concern?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Aria-extended = “true”>




1/13/2009, 01:18:52 AM Jan 2009, PM1 / 09/13

to subvert … @

Sorry jsname = “yjbGtf” I never got this the message “UNKNOWN_DP_ERROR”.

I think families can try every mrsf_jean saplink installation again!


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Jan 12, 1:18:52 PM 2009 PM1 / 13/09

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undermine … @

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Sam Candace


13.03:48:23 Jan 2007, PM1 / 13/09

sap unknown dp error

undermine … @

GUI_DOWNLOAD downloadable to the presentation server. I suspect you are trying to access the application server.

sap unknown dp error

Good job!

Sam Candace …

Shoban … @

I am using UNKNOWN_DP_ERROR when trying to create a shared drive.
But when I send my data to C: I can do without
problems. Has anyone had this problem?



Sam Candace

GUI_DOWNLOAD is best uploaded to a presentation server. I am assuming you are trying to upload this to an application server.

Text Of Message 553 (SY)


What’s causing this incredible problem?
The following table summarizes the return value of SY-SUBRC =V1:

 1: error writing to directory2: no party3: Prevent file transfers in the user interface4: invalid type5: no authority6: unknown error7:header is prohibited8: Really approved cages9: invalid file size10. Too long h2 tags11: generate dp error12: send dp wrong choice13: Error writing dp14: dp error not found15: Access Denied16: Dp Home Memories17: Disk full18: dp time delay19: Registration not found20 - excluding data provider21: Checked rinsing error22: another error

ABAP Code For Adding Messages To Your Own Reports

. "Warning message
MESSAGE E553 (SY). "Error message
-> More options can be found here

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