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    I recently had a modsave(‘0a23b5e224610993d2102bf7615092c4’, I ran SFC3 and got an unhandled exception ” “.thing

    Weird – this particular game worked better than SFC2 . Now it’s the other way around.

    I can quite “now” get it working after extensive research on the web.BUT, it’s really tricky – a border is used, a blank screen crashes, or.

    <>p I first bought a patch Win 10 – file AND included dll brand new sfc config. – FULL blank screen. I have cursor and sound like this (after intro) and actually main menu

    Then I got some additional information TAL3DEngineR – TextureManagerR and updated to a new improved version with ten wins – which couldn’tno help.

    And finally SFC with Launcher Voodoo by and Starfleet Command 4 The hd&gamespy patch on the Hot n Spicy forum by D4v1ks (I think). More .helped, beyond dll files from black screen.

    As always, this article also works… well. Just tried it but a firefight when I changed ships it usually crashed. I can’t seem to find a better solution than 768. Everything else crashes the game.

    I installed SFC3 from disk, installed 8.1 directly, but not Gamespy, and so patched 534b (beta). before taking any other actions and files, get it to work.

    I’m compatible with Win XP SVC 2, pack 14 and colors as administrator. Plus now in windowed mode.

    My question is:

    Is there a way to make this method more stable and with better (hopefully full screen) file sizes?

    I’m not very good at setting up Voodoo It looks complicated and I can’t even tell Glide Directx from… any help would be appreciated

    any help would be appreciated!

    sfc3 troubleshooting


    Thanks< /p> p>



    and X 1920 1080!!!

    I runsolution from https://www.bleepingcomputer for reading. com/forums/t/684145/star-trek-starfleet-command-3/

    I definitely followed the author’s advice.

    Blank unpatched Every sfc3 installed

    at the stage I tried the game, see what usually takes up space, and if that doesn’t work – I’ll post another added patch

    < p>So after I got a clean, unpatched build, I copied the modelrender file from our component file.

    I patched the game that can do 534b, then the patched modelrenderer combined was replaced with the unpatched one version – the results still showed a blank screen with sound

    Then I added the DGVoodoo .dll files (and MS files and these 3dx) files and ran the program – still a blank screen was added< /p>

    Then our own HD patch (replaced assets/sprites) SFC.ini, then SFC.exe
    SFC. I changed the ini as per the message:

    win doowed=1

    i When started doing this, I was getting an exception error related to ModelRenderer. So I

    set aside our patched version… and launched the game.


    If the W/W persists, the solution to the problem requires manual editing of these 3D line codes in the actual .ini file (config file located by sfc3), in the hobby’s main directory. If someone does not know how to do this, let me know and I will try to help them.

    I just checked out a fight with oneWith this music player that I have, and I thought that if it crashes, I will change another time for the ships.

    sfc3 troubleshooting

    I had the third one. loading screen path with some sort of spinning blue window circle. It was thought that I was ready to exit the program when it started!

    Now I’m thinking of turning off the dgvoodoo watermark… but I’m afraid of messing up. >

    Oh… I’m running the .exe with no compatibility, Colors 16 As and admin disabled. ..which helps anyway.


    Subject: Help With SFC3 Times (2183 Reads)

    I recently ran SFC3 and got a strange “unhandled exception” error


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    object – This game worked better than SFC2. Is it contrary? Maybe

    I got “now” after extensive internet research. It’s really hard on – the edge of a blank screen or crashes.

    First I tried to win patch 10 – it had a dll file and every newth sfc config. – empty FULL screen. I have the slider combined with sound (after the splash screen) not yet in the main menu

    I then delved into upgrading the TAL3DEngineR TextureManagerR to the new improved one and took home some loot 10, which definitely didn’t help.

    and finally one with Starfleet Command’s SFC Launcher and Voodoo or even more HD&Gamespy patch on Hot Forum n Zesty by D4v1ks (I think). Helped additional .dll files that often get past the black screen. .

    Anyway .it’s .done .it’s .going ……good. Tried only one hassle when I load but the switch hangs. I can’t seem to get a better resolution than 768. Everything else will crash the game. I installed

    I have SFC3 from disk, placed on Direct 8.but 1, not on gamespy, and I also patched 534b in Avant (beta) to present the files and other measures to make it work. Running

    I’m an administrator in terms of Win XP SVC Pack 17 2, colors and compatibility. Also true in windowed mode. Is it

    Is there any reliable way to do this in a more consistent and better resolution (hopefully widescreen)

    I’m not very good at voodoo – it looks complicated, butSo even I don’t know the difference between Glide and Directx…

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