If you are facing USB error in sony car stereo on your PC, this guide will help you solve it.


  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    The only problem is that your current USB is not working for some strange reason. Your friends will look at you in confusion while your family tries to figure out what happened. As long as you’re figuring out how to calculate that single result, you’re not a mechanic.

    Conclusion. As you pointed out, with USB car radio not working problem can be caused by a number of reasons: compatibility, hard drive case shape, power failure, faulty cable, and eventually faulty usb port.Be the one to check them and find the cause of your problem with help from our help steps.

    Why Does It Say In My Car That USB Should Not Be Supported?

    If the error message on the screen of the car stereo is NO SUPPORT, NO SUPPORT, or maybe -:-, i.e. the music stops , unplug our own USB device, wait about an hour, then fully plug the device back in. The USB device definitely does not have updated firmware. The USB device is not working properly. All

    sony car stereo usb error

    Non-USB Ports Can Charge Your Device

    USB ports do two things. They exchange data and/or download connected resources. In fact, modern USB devices and ports are often sufficient. However, some USB ports almost certainly don’t charge and are only meant to transfer large amounts of data. You are not quite capable of charging a very good device – even a good rugged smartphone.


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    What Is USB Error 23?

    The “If you follow” error is displayed when the remote does not recognize the USB, device, which we both connect, or in other words, any file system is not recognized by USB.

    Failure of your vehicle’s USB connection can usually be attributed to a hardware or software failure. If the USB port failure is caused by a loose break or internal connection, you can check this by holding the USB device and doing a full reconnect.

    What Is The New Overcurrent Error?

    If your thermostat displays an overcurrent help code for your entire family, it has detected several power peaks in a very short time. You may not have realized before that something is seriously wrong with your system, because former temporary employees can no longer inform you about it.

    2-channel Stereo In Automatic Mode Cannot Play Dear Player:

    1. Download the special program GUIFORMAT32 (Download HelpDesk from the server .zone | exact site) from the author. This is a simple program that does not contain viruses or malware.wearable technology and does not require installation. Before uploading it to the Voprosoff.net server, I checked it for viruses.

    Step 1: Check the USB connection. Make sure your vehicle has a unique USB port and supports standard USB drives.Step 2: Connect your own Android phone.Step: 3 Select a specific USB notification.Step 4: Install the SD card.Step: Select 5 USB audio source.Step Enjoy 6: your amazing music.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    What should I do if my car’s 2-channel stereo USB port is not working? If you don’t have a CD player, your only options are usually to listen to the radio or sing a few songs to your friends, which doesn’t sound like much fun.