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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that SQL Loader error 941 has occurred.

    SQL * Loader-941: Error related to period of description table IMDB_TOP_250
    ORA-04043: object IMDB_TOP_250 does not exist

    Load data
    infile “imdb_top_250.csv” badfile “imdb_top_250.bad” throwfile “imdb_top_250.dsc”
    insert into patio table IMDB_TOP_250
    Fields ending in ‘,’ after null columns

    I’m having a problem with the SQL loader when I try to load data directly into the table I found. However, for some reason, SQL Loader is returning errors. The table resides in the pluggable database whether it leads to something or not. I don’t know, but wanted to include the product in the post here. In this case, it is helpful to know where this hanger is.


      (SKIP = 1)DOWNLOAD DATAINFILE '/home/joshua/Practice_Data/Fitness_DB_Data/aug_2019_hiking_stats.csv'INSERT WALKING_STATS INTO TABLEFIELDS, CLOSED "," OPTIONAL CLOSED "" "(day_walked, cal_burned, miles_walked, duration, miles per hour, Shoe_id) 

    I tried your current INTO TABLE clause in three alternatives: with only the business table (shown in the example), this with a specific schema name (n for example, C ## bigdaddy.walking_stats) and to a database with the as prefix (for example, walk_data.c ## bigdaddy.walking_stats).

    A few SQL commands to confirm exactly who actually exists in the table (at least as far as I know if I'm new to Oracle DB):

      SQL> sho con_name;CON_NAME------------------------------WALKING_DATA 
      SQL> selects a user created with dual;USER-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------C ## BIGDADDI sql loader 941 error

      SQL> desc walk_stats; Name zero? A type ----------------------------------------- -------- - ---------------------------------------- DAY_WALKED DATE CAL_BURNED NUMBER (4.2) MILES TRAVELED (3.2) permanent time stamp (6) MPH (2.1) SHOE_ID NUMBERSQL> select number (*) from walk_stats;  CHECK(*)----------     0 
      SQL> select * using tab;TNAME TABTYPE CLUSTERID------------- ------------- ----------ARRAY WALKING_STATS sql loader 941 error

      SQL> select table_name, status from user_tables place where table_name = 'WALKING_STATS';TABLE_NAME-STATUS------------- --------WALKING_STATS IS REALLY 
      SQL> select owner, object name, object type, popularity all_objects where owner is 'C ## BIGDADDY';OBJECT OWNER_NAME ABOUTOBJECT_TYPE STATUS-------------- -------------- -------------- ----- --- -------C ## BIGDADDY WALKING_STATS REAL TABLESQL> select owner, object_name, object_type, status from all_objects, where object_name = 'WALKING_STATS';OWNER OBJECT_NAME OBJECT_TYPE STATUS-------------- -------------- -------------- ----- --- -------C ## BIGDADDY WALKING_STATS REAL TABLE 

    This is most of the first lines of the CSV file:

      day_walked, cal_burned, miles_walked, duration, miles per hour, Shoe_id2019-08-01,358.1,3.53,01: 05: 51,3.2,62019-08-02,354.7,3.46,01: 05: 12.3.2,62019-08-04,354.2,3.55,01: 05: 07,3.3,62019-08-05,351,3,3,52,01: 04: 36,3,3,6 

    Finally, run the sqlldr command from the command line with a file path argument, adding the sys and C ## BIGDADDY users (both of which have INSERT permissions on the table):

      joshua @ linux-t1zu: ~> sqlldr control = '/home/joshua/Practice_Data/Fitness_DB_Data/upload_stats.ctl'Username: sys as sysdbaPassword:SQL * Downloader: Version - Production Oct 5 07:43:05 2019Version (C) 0Copyright 1982, 2018 Oracle and / or its subsidiaries. All privileges are reserved.Path used: normalSQL * Loader-941: Error setting WALKING_STATS tableORA-04043: object WALKING_STATS does not exist at all 


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      joshua @ linux-t1zu: ~> sqlldr control = '/home/joshua/Practice_Data/Fitness_DB_Data/upload_stats.ctl'Username: C ## BIGDADDIPassword:SQL * Loader: version - Sunday production 07:44:52 six easy 2019Version (C) 0Copyright 1982, 2018, Oracle and / or its subsidiaries. All legal disclaimers.Path used: normalSQL * Loader-941: Error writing to table WALKING_STATSORA-04043: object barely exists walk_stats 

    For my life, I don't know where to find it. Mister. do evil. All thinking strategies are highly valued.I am using Oracle XE 18c installed on openSuse Leap 15.0 if that helps.Thanks in advance.

    I found two things that may or may not help. As shown below, the user SYS cannot directly access pdb, but in many cases he can run an alter session and set up a main container for it and then connect so that you had a root container. The poker table walk_stats is not visible to any user SYS :

      joshua @ linux-t1zu: ~> sqlplus SYS / password_here @ WALKING_DATA   SQL * Plus: Version - Production on Sun Top Oct 6 10:39:38 2019    Version   Copyright (c) 1982, 2018, Oracle. All rights reserved.    ERROR:ORA-12154: TNS: may not necessarily resolve the specified connection id    Enter username: SYS AS SYSDBA    Enter a code:   Affiliated:    Oracle Database 18c Express Edition version - production    Version    SQL> sho con_name;    CON_NAME    ------------------------------    CDB $ ROOT    SQL> Old Organized Container Session = WALKING_DATA;    The session has changed.    SQL> sho con_name;   CON_NAME    ------------------------------    WALKING_DATASQL> Select User to Dual;USER-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ICUSQL> DESC MARCHE_STATS;ERROR:ORA-04043: object WALKING_STATS also does not existSQL> select * in the tab place tname = 'WALKING_STATS';row not selected

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