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    If you’re getting the error sql Server Reporting Default AppDomain could not be initialized, this article is here to help.

    probably no service.

    • sql server reporting default appdomain failed to initialize

      12. Jan 2012


      6:59 am



      I just received a copy SQL Server 2008 R2 Developer Edition installed on this Windows 7 64-bit PC. I also have a problem starting the reporting service.

      What error is read in the entire application log:

      Service not started. System.Exception: Failed to initialize default application domain.

      in Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ServiceAppDomainController.Start()

      in Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ReportService.[ onstart( string ] args)

      at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.ServiceQueuedMainCallback(object state)

      Anyone need an idea what might allow this?

      I did as suggested by this one on the awesome link, an alternative, but the restore failed, stating that the service is in a state where it still can’t be fixed because it was never configured. Switch to user products and services running as user withof the new service, and setting permissions whenever it’s described in the link also doesn’t allow it.

      Any help is appreciated!



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    Devendra (Dev) Shirbad




    Itemrop=”text”> did you miss any warnings about installing SQL Server? Hopefully the account you should have set up has administrator rights on your home PC.

    If you haven’t downloaded any content yet, do you need to reinstall and reinstall it? what is it, clean root (SQL Server), reboot and reinstall. Just don’t forget to all select properties in the feature/component list.

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  • Hello developers!

    Thanks for this, I tried to remove all the components that install the computer and try again well, I always got this error, but wewife didn’t delete the sql server directory when I did this, I could definitely try that, but I want to know if anyone else has steps before the root directory fails.


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    Player The den I installed is the traditional admin on the PC.

    I’m using SQL Server 2005 Developer on your machine, but carefully uninstall it, install vant 2008 R2.

    Thank you,< /p>



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    If you have a good new registry Have a cleanup utility to help clean up orphan entries after the computer I don’t usually do this in and list recommend doing something only with this tool More

    please don’t ignore the warnings when installing ke. He is not able to arrest you, but create outrageous scenes that. If something is necessarily unclear, post warning messages here.


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    Do you have a registry cleaner that you recommend?

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    sql server reporting default appdomain failed to initialize

    Devendra (Dev)

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    Sorry for this part of my tutorials I recommend tool/utility/ in my No Favorites articles Any tool is good but not do it manually.Also, just in case, go back to saving before cleaning up the files (using the tool).


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    Since itemprop=”text”> you set the instance you need to do otherwise select “customize plater” to allow the installer to customize

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    “I can’t offer an omelet without breaking some eggs” 😉

  • I allowed the installer to configure itemprop=”text”> with all default settings. This is probably my favorite mistake! 😉

    I hope to give you a chance to try something meaningful today.

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    s_osborne2 (1/12/2012)< / p>

    I let the installer adjust the default settings. maybe it was mostly my fault! This is 😉

    I hope you can try again later. always

    I like doing manual setup

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    “You you can’t make an omelette without breaking a feweggs” 😉

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